Have Complete Clarity About Your TMS Diagnosis
So That You Can Move Forward To Cure It With Confidence. 

Which Path is the Right One: Medical or TMS?

Tension Myositis Syndrome sounds like it might be right, but the next step is a little scary. It’s scary because this new mind-body diagnosis has created a fork in the road for you. Now, you’ve got two choices:

1) You can ignore Dr. Sarno and just keep doing what you’re doing.


2)  You can move forward with TMS and see where it leads you.

Both the paths have their pros and cons.

The Medical Path

Sticking with your original medical diagnosis seems like the easiest way to go.

After all, your doctor is very confident in the diagnosis she’s given you.
And she’s shared test results that seem like irrefutable proof that the medical diagnosis is correct.
And your insurance pays for medical treatment, but not for mind-body treatment.
And there’s a billion dollar industry dedicated to your medical diagnosis.

Plus, your friends and family understand your medical diagnosis. They’re there to support the medical diagnosis, but likely not the TMS diagnosis. Have you lost your mind?

So, yes, the medical route seems like the right path to take. The only downside with your medical diagnosis is that you will be in pain for the rest of your life.

The Mind-Body Path


Yes, with a mind-body diagnosis, you won’t be able to rely on your doctors for treatment. However, where has medical treatment gotten you so far?  

And, yes, with the mind-body diagnosis, your insurance won’t cover expensive medical treatments and drugs. However, you'll no longer need expensive medical treatments and drugs.

And, yes, with the mind-body diagnosis, your friends and family may not understand exactly what you’re doing. They don’t have to understand. They love you. They’ll support you either way. 

Bonus! With the mind-body diagnosis, you’ll no longer have your medical condition as part of (possibly even the biggest part at this point) your identity. And isn’t this what you really want?  

And finally, switching to Tension Myositis Syndrome will require you to accept responsibility for your health, take some new actions, and think differently than you have in the past.  

The Payoff?
You’ll be chronic pain free for the rest of your life.
Isn’t that worth it?

The Path Forward

Success doesn’t require a full commitment up front. All you have to do is be open to this new TMS path. Just start moving forward by watching the course and discovering what it’s all about.  

Over time, you’ll either decide that you do or you don’t have TMS. By doing the research, your true diagnosis will become very clear.  

And if it is TMS, that’s great because that means there’s nothing physically wrong with you. You can cure yourself and your body will go back to completely normal with no long-term, residual damage.
That’s the best part of all. 

The Diagnosing TMS
On-Line Video 
Master Class

The Course has 7 Video Lessons with a
Watch Time of About 1 Hour. Get Instant Access.
Start Watching the Course Right Now.  


Universal TMS Guidelines for Your Symptoms.
The Diagnosing TMS course presents 9 guidelines for diagnosing all your chronic conditions so that you can determine whether they are real medical problems or TMS. This section also includes a very comprehensive list of all known TMS conditions.

Discover Why Your Doctor's Diagnosis is Likely Wrong. In this section, you’ll discover how the healthcare industry has gotten off track and exactly how that’s affecting diagnostic procedures. And you’ll learn how it all circles back to the turn of the 20th century when there was a hostile takeover of the medical industry in America.

The Physiology That's Causing Your Symptoms. In this section of the course, you’ll learn how the Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for so many different chronic symptoms. How can stress cause back pain, tinnitus, and IBS? Well, the course explains how each and every common TMS symptom can be created by the overactive fight or flight response.

Overcoming the Challenges of Diagnosing Yourself. When it comes to diagnosing yourself with Tension Myositis Syndrome, there are many psychological and instinctual roadblocks that must be cleared away. Societal norms say that it’s dangerous to diagnose yourself. Only a doctor can do that. However, it may be just the opposite. You’ve not only the right, but the obligation of assigning yourself the correct diagnosis. That’s the beginning of healing. And this course is designed to help you do just that.  

How to Handle the TMS Naysayers in Your Life. Yes, there are a lot of naysayers out there. Dr. Sarno says it’s approximately 90% of the population. So, in this section of the course, we explain how to move forward with the proper diagnosis while handling the naysayers who don’t believe you. Handling societal pressure is a key component in diagnosing and healing Tension Myositis Syndrome.

The Complete Self-Diagnostic Process for All Your Symptoms. The Diagnosing TMS Master Class explains that there is a very deliberate process to self-diagnosis of TMS. It should not be done in a casual way. Yes, going to the doctor first is an essential part of that process. But chances are that you’ve already done that (many times). And the results have not been good. So now it’s time for you to take control. If TMS is the appropriate diagnosis, you must proceed forward in a definitive way without hesitation. Then and only then can you cure your chronic symptoms.

Clarity About Your Diagnosis is the Key

Doubt about the Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis is a universal characteristic of everyone who has Tension Myositis Syndrome. So, what you’re experiencing is not unusual. It’s the norm.

The Diagnosing TMS Master Class will give you the clarity that you need
to move forward and cure yourself - once and for all.


Watch a Sample of this Course: 

In this 1st section of the Diagnosis Master Class, Laura explains why being sure that you have TMS is so important and so challenging. Laura explains how the course will benefit those uncertain about their diagnosis. She also outlines the course's contents.


The Diagnosis Course will work for you:

 Even if...you’re not sure you totally believe in TMS
 Even if...you have a less common or obscure medical condition
 Even if...you’ve been shown an MRI or blood test or genetic marker
 Even if...you’re fearful of leaving your doctors (you don’t have to be)
 Even if...you’ve tried to cure TMS and failed in the past

Well Worth It 

“I believed that TMS was real but had real problems convincing myself. So I never got better. The TMS diagnosing course really pulled it all together for me very quickly. Now I know that all my pains are TMS and I’m working hard to get rid of them. Well worth it.”
Josh in Geneva, New York 



A.S. Not My Identity

“I had had ankylosing spondylitis for so long that it had become part of my identity. I was sure it was a real genetic disease. But after finding Dr. Sarno and watching the PCC’s diagnosis course, I knew the cause was just stress. Now (after also watching the Cure Class), I’ve been completely free of pain for 7 months now. Thank you so much Laura and John.”
- Heloise in Gotha, Florida  

Now I Know for Sure  

“The Diagnosing TMS Course showed me why (in great detail) I definitely had TMS. The research and guidelines left me with no choice but to conclude that I absolutely had TMS. After years of wondering, I now know for sure. Thanks guys!”
- Ronald in Paris, France  




These types of people purchase the
Diagnosing TMS Class:

✅ People with lower back pain and sciatica
 People with neck, shoulder, and knee pain
 People with digestive problems like IBS, crohn's disease, diverticulitis
 People with peripheral neuropathy (numbness, tingling)
 People with tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
 People with hip pain
 People with jaw pain (TMJ)
 People with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis
 People with foot pain
 People with chronic fatigue and migraine headaches
 People with skin problems like eczema and rashes
 People with seasonal and food allergies
✅ People withFibromyalgia
✅ People with tennis elbow
✅ People with eye pain
✅ People with centralized pain syndrome
✅ People with chronic anxiety
✅ People with lupus
✅ People with lyme disease
✅ People with carpal tunnel syndrome

 People who suspect that their lesser-known condition is TMS


Dennis from Texas

"My TMS symptoms started 17 years ago. After 2 weeks doing the PCC program, I was out of pain. Within a month, chronic pain became and afterthought. After 17 years of going to the chiropractor every week - no more pain!"


Kitty from Maine

"The first week after I started the program, I could see how easy it would be to change my mind about all these diagnoses - that it's all just TMS. I'm able to walk up and down stairs, which I haven't been able to do for years. I gave away my wheelchair and my walker."


Allan from New Hampshire

"After completing The Pain Cure Clinic video course, I don't have pain anymore and I don't have any fear of pain. That's probably the biggest thing. In the past, I would shy away from doing things like yard work and lifting weights. I'm not afraid to do anything anymore."

About the Instructors 

Laura and John Thornton spent decades in chronic pain before finding Dr. Sarno and permanently curing themselves in 2016. Then, they helped over 500 one-on-one clients cure their TMS symptoms. And with workshops, on-line courses, and live onsite events, they’ve now helped over 10,000 clients cure TMS using their 3-Pillar formula. Watch their TMS recovery stories here:


The Sarno
Medal of Freedom

Once you cross the pain-free finish line, you will be awarded the
Sarno Medal of Freedom (free of charge). Dr. Sarno would be proud.

The Diagnosing TMS Master Class will put
you on the path you freedom: 

  • Freedom from chronic pain and chronic digestive issues

  • Freedom from constant medical appointments

  • Freedom from a medicine cabinet full of drugs with side effects

  • Freedom from expensive medical bills

  • Freedom from the fear of the pain coming back

  • Freedom from a healthcare system that is broken

For less than the cost of one doctor’s office visit,
you’ll know whether you have TMS or not - in about an hour.
Enroll right now and start watching right now.
What could be easier than that?

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If our programs don’t work for you, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching services offered by the Pain Cure Clinic are not intended as medical advice or professional psychotherapy. This is practical knowledge based on experience about how to alternately eliminate chronic pain symptoms caused by psychological factors. Medical or mental health questions or diagnosis  should be directed to your physician or psychologist. The Pain Cure Clinic is not endorsed by or affiliated with Dr. John Sarno. *Individual results will vary.