Journal Like a Pro
Without Wasting Time and Getting No Results

Are you spending your mornings or evenings journaling about what’s stressing you out with the hope that it will somehow stop your back pain?

And let me guess. There’s been no change in your pain condition. That’s actually what happens to most people. But do not fear.

Becoming good at journaling is a process, like anything else. It can be taught, learned and perfected to the point where it actually reduces your pain.

It’s Best to Keep Journaling Simple.

Dr. Sarno explains in Healing Back Pain that chronic pain is a result of repressed anger and that anger tenses muscle tissue and that leads to things like back pain.

Quality journaling is the opposite. It is the expression (not the repression) of anger and, when done right, that leads to being pain free. Although you’ll need some other strategies to stay pain free.

Here are some insights into best journaling techniques:

All journaling starts with a solid foundation. 

The First Truth About Journaling:

Journaling is a passive mental exercise and, because of that, you can only take it so far. The last step in the journaling process is to make it action-based.

Taking action to resolve the things that are causing you the most anger is the key step in curing your chronic pain.

For example: if you hate your job and have always hated your job, you cannot just journal about hating your job. That won’t work. You’ve got to find a new job.

The Second Truth About Journaling: 

The reason beginners to the Mind-Body concept struggle with journaling is not because of the journaling itself, it’s because that’s ALL they’re doing.

The purpose of Dr. Sarno’s books is to prove that TMS is real. Mission accomplished! However, the doctor leaves out a lot of actions items that are necessary to cure chronic pain.

Dr. Sarno’s only action step is journaling. And journaling by itself is not enough.

It’s like trying to make a chocolate cake by just using flour. Yes, you do need flour, but you need several other ingredients as well. Don’t blame yourself for cake results. You need more. 

Have a Step-by-Step Plan

By keeping things simple, creating some action items and setting some type of deadline for curing your pain, you’ll be putting yourself in a position to win.

Now all you need is a plan. And it’s an easy plan.

First, identify all the things in your life that anger you. Clue: if you’re a Goodist (people pleaser), you’re being too nice to everybody.

Second, use journaling as a passive exercise and create a real action plan to solve the issues that you’ve written about.

Third, write at least 3 gratitude items each day. Whether you believe them or not right now! Don’t stop till you have three.

Journaling about problems reduces repressed anger by 20%. Taking action to resolve those same issues will reduce repressed anger by 100%.

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