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Learn the secret to curing chronic pain and
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The Best Program 

"I read Dr. Sarno’s great book Healing Back Pain, but couldn’t figure out what to do. The Pain Cure Clinic gave me a direct path to follow (and a lot of support). I was back pain free in about 45 days. This is the best program I have seen in many years. Thanks so much Laura and John. "  - Robert F.


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Easy to Follow

"I love Dr. John Sarno and Dr. Sarno’s 12 daily reminders. I knew that I had Tension Myositis Syndrome. However, I’d been struggling for almost 2 decades with multiple pain symptoms. I got the Sarno Master Class, which was so easy to follow, and then and one coaching session. I became completely symptom free 2 years ago and I still am." 
- Rhonda M.  

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The Cure is Permanent

“The Pain Cure Clinic has a completely different approach to the application of Dr. Sarno’s ideas. The Thorntons use both mental and physical training, which was a real game changer for me. The pain that plagued me for 8 years has now been now gone for 3 years. The cure is permanent. So great!”  - Finnegan W.


Why Is Sarno 3.0 A Better Way To Cure TMS?  

THE OLD WAY: The old way of trying to cure TMS involves reading a Dr. Sarno book and then journaling and thinking about problems and thinking about negative emotions. The old way is loose, passive, and unstructured. The end result is little effect on the pain. People wonder why they can’t make the Sarno plan work. Actually, there is no plan in Dr. Sarno’s books.  

THE NEW WAY: The Sarno Method (3.0) is a new and better way because it addresses the root cause of TMS, not just the symptoms. Sarno 3.0 is effective because it uses a 3-tiered approach that attacks TMS from 3 different angles at the same time. This approach reduces stress in both the mind and the body simultaneously thereby reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) and leaving TMS no choice but to run for the nearest exit. Pain gone. 

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO HEAL: Through workshops, on-site events, and one-on-one coaching, The Pain Cure Clinic has helped over 10,000 pain sufferers heal their TMS. Now they're ready to help you.

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How your pain is being created by the autonomic nervous system and what you
need to do to stop it. 

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It can be confusing trying to decide whether you have TMS or a real medical condition.
Here's the rule of thumb for figuring it out.

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If you're one of the many, many chronic back pain sufferers, you've come to the right place. You don't have to
live this way any longer.

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What you can expect from the
90-day Sarno 3.0 healing process: 

  • Freedom from all your TMS symptoms
  • Freedom from drugs, doctors and medical treatments
  • Freedom from expensive medical bills
  • Freedom from being controlled by your insurance company
  • Freedom to socialize, exercise and eat what you want
  • Freedom to go anywhere and to do anything you want to do
  • A strong, flexible body that will move in all directions!
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Coaching services offered by the Pain Cure Clinic are not intended as medical advice or professional psychotherapy. This is practical knowledge based on experience about how to alternately eliminate chronic pain symptoms caused by psychological factors. Medical or mental health questions or diagnosis  should be directed to your physician or psychologist. The Pain Cure Clinic is not endorsed by or affiliated with Dr. John Sarno. *Individual results will vary.