Anxiety and TMS 

Do you have anxiety and a long list of chronic pain conditions? Well, join the club. Almost everyone who suffers from TMS has more than their share of anxiousness.   

Anxiety creates chronic pain by way of the sympathetic nervous system... 

...but here’s the kicker. Chronic pain also generates anxiety. Anxiety created by the fear that the pain is never going to end. But don’t worry. With a little schooling, you can put both anxiety and pain in your rear view and move on with your life - pain free. 


Anxiety is not as generalized a disorder as it may seem. It’s not vague. It’s not abstract. There are real issues that are causing it and there are real things you can do to shut it down. So the first step to recover from anxiety is to identify where it’s coming from.  

There’s something (or things) that you’re most likely avoiding. Avoidance creates anxiety. Anxiety can cause people to try to avoid future situations that might trigger or worsen their physical symptoms.  


Watch this video to discover the secret relationship between anxiety and chronic pain and how you can stop it. 

“Most people have heard that a herniated disc is a serious medical issue. So the idea arouses great anxiety, resulting in greater pain” John Sarno MD - Healing Back Pain


The 3 keys to resolving anxiety:

  1. Changing your belief so that you’re 100% sure that your condition is TMS.
  2. Stop avoiding future challenges and start confronting them.
  3. “Optimalizing” your perfectionism so that it does not lead to pain.

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