Freedom....From Chronic Pain

Jul 01, 2022


When you think of the most significant contributor to happiness, what comes to mind? Wealth? A loving family and good friends? Being attractive or famous? Health? Certainly, health must be at the top of the list to enjoy anything else, but a report by The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says that what’s most important to overall happiness is: autonomy. Autonomy means that you feel that YOU are the one in control of your own life and the decisions you make are chosen only by you.


If we assume (and we do) that happiness (and we would add life satisfaction) leads to a calmer nervous system and lowers stress, then your level of autonomy has a direct effect on chronic pain and other chronic symptoms.


Autonomy applies to various aspects of your life circumstances: your job/work/career, your relationships, where you live, how you spend your money…and your time. And I encourage to evaluate all these things as part of your recovery action plan.


But the biggest hurdle that people with Tension Myositis Syndrome initially need to overcome is being enslaved by the medical industry. Yes, you’ve been a “willing prisoner” up until now – because all of us are – until we find an alternative. And now you have. Now that you know that chronic conditions are nearly always stress based. Now you CAN choose the mind-body path that leads directly to chronic pain free.


So, what exactly are you going to be free from?


Time spent on medical treatments

Money spent on medical treatments

Worry about pain/health

Missed opportunities

Missed travel

Missed social occasions and FUN!

Having an “identity” focused around your chronic condition


When you reclaim your autonomy and recover, you get your life back!


But being more autonomous and breaking free from the medical path and chronic pain doesn’t mean that you have to go it completely alone. It’s just that your loved ones and friends may not be the best source of support on this healing journey. While they love you and mean well, many of them just don’t understand or connect with the mind-body approach. 


We’ve got you covered! The Pain Cure Clinic program is a COMMUNITY of like-minded people who DO understand and will be there for support and encouragement along the way.


Don't do this alone. Click here to check out our coaching options and keep moving forward with your recovery.


Happy Independence Day! 


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