Why Is Sarno 3.0 The Only Way To Cure TMS?

The old way of trying to cure TMS doesn’t work. The old way involves reading a Dr. Sarno book and then journaling and thinking about problems and childhood issues. The old way is loose, passive, and unstructured. The result is little effect on chronic pain. People wonder why they can’t make the Sarno Method work.

Well, here’s a little secret. Dr. Sarno’s books don’t contain his method for curing TMS. Patients would have to go see him in New York for that. His books are not “how to” books. There is no plan. Dr. Sarno’s plan for curing TMS was delivered only in person. That’s why you’ve struggled. That’s why most people struggle trying to cure themselves.

What you need is a real plan you can follow.

The Sarno 3.0 Method is the Plan

The Sarno 3.0 Method is a different and better way to cure chronic pain that brings back much of Dr. Sarno’s original method and more. At its core, Sarno 3.0 uses a structured 3-tiered action plan designed to shut off cortisol production and eliminate the pain permanently. Take simple action steps in each of the three categories each week to permanently cure the pain:

CHANGING BELIEFBelief must be switched FROM: a serious structural and chronic medical diagnosis TO: the pain is just stress tightening up the body. And you must become 100% sure. Sarno 3.0 takes you through an education process until you are sure that ALL your chronic symptoms are just TMS. Once belief is completely switched, the fear and anxiety (and cortisol) associated with your diagnosis will drop to zero. And then you can heal.

DE-STRESS: Journaling and thinking about problems has minimal effect on your stress level because the source of stress is unchanged. Sarno 3.0 will identify your primary stressors and that’s the key to healing. Once you clarify the primary source of stress, you’ll go through a simple step-by-step process of issue resolution.  Once the issue resolution process is complete, the stress (and cortisol) associated with that issue will drop to zero. Pain gone.

MOVEMENT: It’s called the mind-body connection for a reason. Moving the body more has 3 benefits that are absolutely essential to curing TMS.

  1. Movement, stretching, and soft tissue work all release the tight muscle tissue that’s been causing the pain. Relaxed muscles don’t cause pain.
  2. Becoming physically active again proves to your subconscious mind that there’s nothing structurally wrong with you. It’s just tight muscle tissue. No problem! I must just have TMS.
  3. Exercise releases good hormones into the body like endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine that relax the mind and then relax the body. Exercise also reduces the body’s cortisol level (the bad stress hormone that creates TMS).

All three Sarno 3.0 action categories are necessary to permanently cure TMS. You must do all three. So, the Sarno 3.0 Method is the only method that will cure your chronic pain quickly and forever.

If you decide to join our community, you’ll have unlimited email support from the instructors while you are going through the healing process. One- on-one coaching is also available. We’ll be there to pull you across the finish line. You don’t have to do this alone.

Take the Pain Cure Clinic’s 90-day TMS challenge to cure your pain once and for all. Hundreds of clients have already cured themselves using this method. You can do this - NOW.

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About the Instructors


Laura is originally from Orlando Florida where she started suffering from chronic pain at the very early age of just 15 years old. She had pain throughout her body especially (but not limited to) her joints. By a process of elimination only, her doctors labeled her condition - Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Laura’s doctors told her that she could never be cured of RA, but with proper medication, she could live a fairly normal life and her disease might even go into remission at some point. She embraced the idea of remission and fought the supposed disease for decades. And Laura was able to live without pain for significant portions of time. But it always came back during stressful times. It was always there.

And then, through John Thornton, she was introduced to the work of Dr. John Sarno MD. Laura had always thought that, despite her medical diagnosis, the pain seemed to be highly correlated with her stress level. But in 30 years, her doctors had never offered stress as a possible cause of pain. By reading Dr. Sarno’s book, The Mind Body Prescription, she discovered that chronic pain is primarily caused by emotional stress. This was a real breakthrough for Laura.

Laura studied the mind-body connection extensively and got coaching help to permanently extinguish her “Rheumatoid Arthritis”. It worked. All her symptoms stopped completely in 2015 and she does not even use her old medical diagnosis to describe her past pain. As she says: it was all just TMS.

Laura has gone on to help hundreds of other chronic pain sufferers all over the world rid themselves of both their medical diagnoses and their pain. She is the co-founder of the Pain Cure Clinic in Boulder, Colorado.


John is originally from New York but has lived in Georgia, Alabama, California, and Colorado. John lived a mostly healthy life until about the age of 40 years old. He was in excellent health. But around the age of 40, John started suffering from a variety of chronic symptoms including headaches, rashes, chronic fatigue, and allergies. The symptoms started slowly and then picked up speed. John tried managing the symptoms and went on with his life the best he could.

And then came the back pain. That was the one that really got to him. The pain level was very high and constant. John couldn’t work and he spent most days just trying to get comfortable. He tried most all medical treatments without success.

Luckily for John, he had a friend who was a doctor and had worked with Dr. Sarno. That friend gave John The Mind Body Prescription. John started reading and immediately everything finally made sense. John realized that all of his chronic conditions were the result of just one thing - stress. He got coaching and started exercising again. At this point, everything headed in the right direction. Within 4 months, all chronic symptoms that John had suffered with for so many years, were gone. It had all been just TMS.

 John has now worked with, and learned from, 3 medical doctors who worked directly with Dr. Sarno. He got the inside scoop. He has gone on to  write the E-Book - Perfectly Pain Free about his journey. He co-produced the Sarno Master Class with Laura and he’s personally coached hundreds of clients all over the world how to become pain free. He is the co-founder of the Pain Cure Clinic and he now lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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Coaching services offered by the Pain Cure Clinic are not intended as medical advice or professional psychotherapy. This is practical knowledge based on experience about how to alternately eliminate chronic pain symptoms caused by psychological factors. Medical or mental health questions or diagnosis  should be directed to your physician or psychologist. The Pain Cure Clinic is not endorsed by or affiliated with Dr. John Sarno. *Individual results will vary.