The Pain Cure Clinic
Boulder, Colorado

Laura and John Thornton 

We Understand The Challenge

All you want is an end to the pain and chronic symptoms. You just want to be free to live a healthy and happy life. That's not too much to ask. And you found Dr. Sarno and now you finally have hope.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds…

Curing TMS is complicated because you’re working with both the subconscious mind and the physical body. It’s tricky. 

  • Sarno’s books don’t really have a plan that you can follow.
  • Doctors have never heard of Tension Myositis Syndrome.
  • Journaling doesn’t seem to do much of anything.
  • Thinking of childhood trauma isn’t working either.
  • You feel like you’re all alone trying to cure yourself.

This leaves most people feeling frustrated and confused about how to stop the pain.

We've been there... 

Laura was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis while she was still a teenager and suffered through decades of pain. John had chronic back pain that was so bad he couldn’t work and spent years in pain 24/7.  

Through happenstance, John met a general surgeon who had been a colleague of Dr. Sarno. That surgeon became both John and Laura’s guide out of the pain. Since 2016, they both been living a miracle life without any chronic pain.  

Since then, they’ve become experts at helping people cure their Tension Myositis Syndrome. They started the Pain Cure Clinic and have offices in Boulder Colorado where they’ve coached over 500 clients (one-on-one) the process that they used to cure themselves.  

People have come from all over the world to learn from John and Laura. They’ve coached students from 12 countries. Clients who have followed their guidance get better at a rate that’s approaching 100%.  

In 2019, the Pain Cure Clinic launched the Sarno 3.0 Master Class. And between one-on-one coaching, workshops, and on-line courses, the Pain Cure Clinic has brought Dr. Sarno’s message to tens of thousands of chronic pain sufferers around the world. It is our mission.  

We can help you succeed.  

The Pain Cure Clinic has just one focus - helping people cure their tension myositis syndrome whether that’s back pain or digestive disorders or chronic inflammatory diseases. There are two ways that we can help you. 

  1. The Sarno 3.0 Master Class is THE textbook for curing TMS. The Thorntons have created the “how to” guide for curing TMS that unfortunately is missing from Dr. Sarno’s books. Everything you need is in the 4-hour video course.
  2. One-on-one coaching is always available to Master Class clients so we can redirect you and support you if/when you stumble. You’ll now have both the textbook and the teachers to be successful.

May we have the privilege of helping you as well? 

You won’t have to try to do this by yourself anymore. You won’t have to wonder what to do anymore. You won’t have to dream about what life will be like if/when you cure your TMS symptoms.   

You will finally know exactly how to get there. Let’s get started.  


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Coaching services offered by the Pain Cure Clinic are not intended as medical advice or professional psychotherapy. This is practical knowledge based on experience about how to alternately eliminate chronic pain symptoms caused by psychological factors. Medical or mental health questions or diagnosis  should be directed to your physician or psychologist. The Pain Cure Clinic is not endorsed by or affiliated with Dr. John Sarno. *Individual results will vary.