Jeff Overcame Years of Pain

Apr 16, 2024



“About halfway through the second go around of the (Master Class) videos, all the pain went away.”

Jeff from Pennsylvania had a variety of chronic pain symptoms for most of his life. In other words, Jeff was a typical TMS sufferer. He started out with plantar fasciitis (foot pain) which lasted for 20 years.

Jeff had custom orthotics made and then needles put into his feet. Then they tried paddling his feet and more orthotics and more needles. This sounds like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Then Jeff had hip pain supposedly from skydiving in the past. He tried physical therapy, heat treatments and a tens unit which is similar to shock therapy. Nothing of course helped at all.

Next came back pain which was the worst pain of all. More suffering.

Jeff eventually found Dr. Sarno, and then the Pain Cure Clinic and finally after a lifetime of pain symptoms, Jeff was cured - pain level zero.

t’s a great story of Jeff’s persistence in searching for and finding answers and overcoming a lifetime of chronic pain. Jeff did it and you can too!

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