The #1 Thing to Heal Back Pain

May 27, 2022

Belief or lack thereof. That's what stops most people from curing their back pain. The reason belief is so important is that when you switch from medical care to a Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis and the mind-body approach to healing - now you're in charge. And so, what you believe determines how effective you are at curing your back pain.

What we observe a lot of the time is that when people don’t immediately improve, they start doubting the process. And then they start doubting themselves and their ability to cure themselves and they just give up and go back to their old faithful chiropractor. So, we need to change three specific, long-held beliefs that are wrong to have a positive outcome. And these wrong beliefs are: 

 A. First, doctors are godlike experts who know everything there is to know about back pain. Also - it’s very dangerous for you to try to cure yourself without a doctor. Only a doctor can cure you (not true!). 

 B. The next wrong belief is that your back pain is being caused by spinal abnormalities. You were probably shown (what looked like) irrefutable proof on your MRI. It’s a universal belief that damaged discs cause back pain. Period. The entire pain management industry can’t be wrong about this. Can they? (Uhhh, yes, they can.)  

 C. And the final wrong belief is more of a subconscious belief that has developed internally over many months or years. It’s the belief that your back pain is incurable. I mean, let’s face it. You’ve been to all the “best” doctors. You’ve tried every treatment that you could possibly try, and nothing has worked. So, you have no choice but to conclude that you’re stuck with back pain for the rest of your life (wrong again)

None of this is true. None of it. Your doctors are trained wrong, the diagnosis is wrong, the treatments were all wrong and that’s why you had no chance. But now everything is different. Now you have a great chance. So, changing belief is super important, but it does take a deliberate, sustained effort to reprogram these entrenched beliefs. 

At the Pain Cure Clinic, we spend a lot of time and energy talking about changing belief because it’s that important. Click here to check out our coaching options and start the process of changing YOUR belief immediately!

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