The Faster Way to Cure TMS

Feb 07, 2023


Tom Brady Understands Pain

In 2017, there was a large study of over 5,000 participants where they asked people what caused their back pain.

- The most popular answer was NOT herniated discs.
- The most popular answer was NOT spinal stenosis.
- The most popular answer was NOT even scoliosis.

The most popular explanation that most chronic back pain sufferers said was causing their back was: STRESS. Emotional stress. And the majority of these 5,000 people (who did not go to medical school) were correct.

But here’s the kicker. The fastest way to cure chronic back pain is not by focusing on emotional stress alone. That’s not the fastest way. The fastest way is this:

1. Continue to focus on emotional stress but add two additional actions
2. Reinforcement of the belief that your spine is not damaged for 90 days.
3. And a secret weapon that helped Tom Brady retire recently as the oldest (and greatest) player in NFL history.

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