TMS: Momentum is the key to healing

Jun 28, 2024

Nothing makes the healing process easier than having momentum. And nothing makes it harder than attempting to heal for years but never establishing any momentum (or improvement).

So, what is healing momentum? Here’s a working definition:

Momentum is the force that propels your healing journey forward and is greater than the sum of your information, your strategy, and your effort combined. Momentum can actually make the process fun.

Healing momentum (which is identified by rapid symptom improvement) is categorized by 4 factors that will drive you forward. If these 4 factors are present, you’re as good as healed.

Creating momentum takes a considerable amount of effort. It’s like getting a rocket off the ground at Cape Canaveral. It takes a lot of energy and effort to escape the earth’s gravitational pull. However, once in space, it takes very little effort to keep moving forward.

There are four factors that fuel momentum:

1. Momentum is ignited by a VISION. Instead of focusing on the pain at hand (which is not easy to do granted) focus instead on the vision of life after the pain is gone. The more hours of the day you can spend thinking about a better future, the more momentum you’ll build. In fact, that vision is the foundation for your entire healing process. Your vision must be clear, consistent, and compelling.

2. Momentum is activated by FAITH. Faith is especially important in the TMS healing process because you’re required to move forward and take action without the support of the healthcare system or most likely your friends and family. To gain momentum, you must be willing to be uncomfortable and have faith that it’s all going to work out in the end. Without faith, you’re quit. With faith, you’re unbeatable.

3. Momentum is supported by SYSTEMS. So, to create momentum, you must create a system that supports, sustains, and propels your healing journey forward. A system is simply a deliberate plan that you follow to heal your chronic systems. Journaling alone when you feel like it is not a system. A system is something you can follow and track on a weekly basis - both actions taken and symptom improvement. Without a system, you’ll give up quickly. With a system, you’ll build momentum and heal quickly. And you can return to the system next year if TMS symptoms return.

4. Momentum is sustained by GRIT. At the Pain Cure Clinic, we’ve coached thousands of clients over many years about how to heal chronic pain symptoms. We’ve seen a lot of success and unfortunately a lot of failure. The key ingredient in all successful clients is not knowledge, or skill or even desire. The key ingredient is their resilience. To overcome chronic pain, you must first have a white-hot vision of a pain free future that creates grit so intense that you will not quit.

When you put all four factors together: Vision, Faith, Systems, and Grit, you will be unstoppable.

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