TMS: Parsing Out the Pain

Jul 18, 2023

One of the most common coaching questions we get here at the Pain Cure Clinic is about which pain is TMS and which pain is from “real” structural problems. Most people we coach with TMS symptoms currently have or have had multiple pains and conditions over many years. And it’s hardly ever just back pain.

This is a key question and key point in the recovery of the TMS sufferer. Every week I hear things like: “Well, I believe the back pain is TMS but these other problems are real. I’ve seen the MRI. It’s structural." My favorite is: “It’s bone on bone for heaven’s sake!” Or “My mother had the same thing, it’s genetic.” Your mother was just as tense as you are.

There is often a defensiveness regarding prior surgeries as being necessary. Lately, we are noticing that everyone has had either shoulder surgery or hip replacement. It’s very, very common. While it may seem helpful and natural to defend prior doctors and prior surgeries as being necessary – it’s actually counterproductive.

The problem with all these chronic pain issues being “real” is quite a simple concept. As Dr. Sarno once said: "The human body is naturally extremely durable and there is no good biological reason why you and so many other TMS sufferers should be having so much pain and going “under the knife” with regularity." It just doesn’t make any sense.

Ask yourself: "What did I do to cause this physical problem?" Nothing. That’s the answer 99% of the time. I still ask myself that question when I feel a little pain crop up out of nowhere. The medical community would have you believe that you are frail and fragile and that any wrong move may lead to the need for pills, shots, and surgery! They are wrong.

The answer to the question of whether it’s TMS or not is this: It’s always TMS unless you have absolute proof that it is not. And the tricky thing is that you can’t enlist the help of medical professionals for that proof because they will always tell you that it’s structural, a disease process or a genetic problem. That’s what they've been trained to do. That’s what they get paid to do. That’s just what they do.

Do not try divvying up some pain as TMS and some as real and structural. It doesn’t work that way. Tell yourself: "I know all these symptoms are being created by emotions and tension and I am responsible for making it go away." Or just say: “Screw you pain and symptoms! You are ALL TMS and I’m onto you. Get out of here right now before I call the police!”….or something like that. ;)

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