What to do when TMS flares up

Nov 28, 2023


Sometimes, just when you think you’ve got TMS under control, all the sudden TMS pain flares up - seemingly out of nowhere. Just when you thought you had a handle on it.

It’s not only painful, but also frustrating. Don’t be discouraged. Often, the increase in symptoms is because you’re starting to win the battle and your subconscious is making a last-ditch effort to stop your progress. 
A flare up may just mean that you’re getting closer and closer to curing yourself.

In this video, John explains the 4-step action process for flare ups:

- You’ll learn the 1st and most important thing to do to end the flare quickly. 

- You’ll learn how the TMS flare is correlated to a flare up in emotional conflict.

- You’ll learn how stop flare ups from occurring in the future.

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