All Your Chronic Conditions Are TMS


Most people find Dr. Sarno (and The Pain Cure Clinic) after a diagnosis of back pain. That’s what the good doctor is most famous for. And back pain is, in fact, the number one chronic symptom in America.

But, very often, what happens is that people proceed to work on the back pain without recognizing that they have three other symptoms that are also TMS. It’s our experience that it’s very rarely just a back pain problem.

Sometimes it seems "too high a mountain" to label every chronic condition as TMS (and not a medical condition), but it’s actually the easier way to cure yourself. Very often you can get rid of all chronic symptoms simultaneously in one fell swoop.

In this video you’ll learn:
1. How all your chronic conditions are generated from the same origin

2. How seemingly completely different symptoms like chronic fatigue, IBS, and back pain are generated by different physiological responses in the body.

3. How to cure...

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