The Upper Limit Problem


The Upper Limit Problem is a mental block that can stop you from achieving a complete and total cure from Tension Myositis Syndrome.

You may totally believe in TMS and be doing all the right things but no matter what you try, the pain always comes back. This could be a sign of an Upper Limit Problem. The premise of the ULP is your subconscious has (over time) set an upper limit to how well your life can go, how good you feel inside, and how long you can be without pain.

In this video, John Thornton revisits his recent article on the ULP because it was so popular. It seems that most people can relate. If you’re doing the work but still having trouble, it just might be an ULP that’s holding you back, but don’t worry. This video explains how to remove your upper limit so that you can be chronic pain-free forever.

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