Breaking the Habit of Pain


Breaking The Habit of Pain

A habit is a redundant set of automatic unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that are acquired through repetition. A habit is when you’ve done something so many times that your body now knows how to do it better than your mind does. 

And so each day when a person wakes up and goes through their regular day, they are doing the same things and seeing the same people that pushed the same emotional buttons that they did the day before. 

Life is a collection of habits and those habits ends up causing chronic illness. So the biggest challenge to curing TMS is to wake up tomorrow and do something different than you did today. A person can say they want to act and think different tomorrow than today but the body (which is a reflection of the subconscious mind) says no. I want to stay the same.

So habit disruption is key to curing tension myositis syndrome. 

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