The Fear and the Pain


I haven’t had any psychosomatic pain symptoms in quite a long time. However, that winning streak ended a couple weeks ago when my right foot became painful. Or was it real structural pain? That’s always the question we all struggle with. 


I was in training to run the Saguaro Desert Half-Marathon in Tucson, AZ: 13.1 miles through the desert with lots of rocks and giant saguaro cacti. Running longer races is hard but there’s a real feeling of accomplishment and you get a medal for finishing. 


In fact, race medals were the inspiration for the Sarno Medal of Freedom that has become so popular with our students. 


However, the week before the race, my foot started to become more and more painful. Was this a real medical problem? I theorized that it might be from running on the treadmill (that I don’t normally use) vs. outside because of the extreme cold winter weather. The treadmill is not my natural gait....

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TMS: 5 Quick Fear Hacks



Chronic pain can create a lot of fear. Worry that the pain or other symptoms will never go away. Fear about being able to do the things you love - like recreational activities and travel. And even fear of being able to work, manage your daily routine and stay independent.

Fear is a heavy load and, in this episode, I want to lighten this burden by giving you

5 Quick Fear Hacks for Tension Myositis Syndrome.

You can use these hacks right away to start healing TMS for good. Your chronic pain free life is just around the corner!

Cheering You On!
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