The Truth About Food Allergies

Let me guess. Food has become a real challenge for you and despite continually reducing the types of foods that you eat, you still don’t feel good. Your stomach is still not digesting properly.

Your doctor is telling you that you have food allergies and that’s what’s causing all this gastrointestinal turmoil.

But you’re not convinced that your doctor is right about the food allergy diagnosis.

That’s not a surprise. In most cases, the food allergy diagnosis is very sketchy and is only arrived at after a process of elimination. In other words, the tests for allergies are not convincing.

How did we all become food allergic is such a short period of time? Too short a time to account for any evolutionary changes. 

  • No one was allergic to peanuts 50 years ago
  • No one was allergic to gluten 50 years ago
  • No one was lactose-intolerant 50 years ago
  • No one currently has food allergies in developing countries

And you’ve noticed that STRESS is a key determinant in the intensity of the allergic response.  

In fact, when you’re really relaxed, your digestive process works close to normal.

You’ve Been Sold a Pack of Lies

People who get food allergies have a consistent personality type. They tend to be very structured, perfectionistic types. 

Food allergy sufferers have a very consistent, high level of stress and anxiety.

The truth is that heightened levels of stress lead to an over-saturation of histamines in the blood stream. And too much histamine can make formerly friendly foods now seem unfriendly.

It’s not the food. It’s the stress. It’s time to stop fearing food forever. 

Stop eating like a baby.

The 3 keys to overcoming food allergies are as follows: 

  1. Change your belief to understand that your doctor is wrong. You can’t eat bread due to stress.
  2. Understand that your personality is generating too much stress and anxiety.
  3. Reduce your stress level to the point where your digestive tract is bulletproof. Nachos and beer anyone?

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