The Truth About Knee Pain 

Let me guess. You’ve got knee pain and you've had it for a while. You understand the mind-body connection, but the knee is different. The knee is constantly moving and and takes a lot of impact every day. So it only makes sense that you could have a real structural problem. There's no doubt about it.

But you’re not convinced that it's not just another symptom of TMS. 

Well, maybe it is.

Incidental Meniscal Findings on Knee MRI’s (2008) - a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine related to meniscal tears in the knees of 991 test subjects ages 50 to 90 found this:

* Meniscal tears were present in 63% of people with knee pain.
* Meniscal tears were present in 61% of people without knee pain.

CONCLUSION: There’s no correlation between meniscal tears and knee pain. And if they’re misleading you about that, what else are they misleading you about?

Torn cartilage? Osteoarthritis? Knee replacements?

Is the medical community really out for your best interest? 

You've been sold a pack of lies.


The truth is that stress, anxiety and repressed anger are causing the soft tissue in your knee to tighten up and feel painful. 

No one in third world countries is getting knee replacements and everyone is getting along just fine.  

Our coach, John Thornton, has been an avid runner his entire adult life. He's run approximately 26,000 miles (greater than the circumference of the earth). And he has never had knee pain.

So then all you have to do is reduce mental tension and probably stretch your legs and knees more each day. Surgery is most likely not necessary. 

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