The Sarno Method


We’ve been getting a lot of inquires lately from people who are wondering how John and I have had so much success curing people of Tension Myositis Syndrome so quickly. First of all, we don’t cure people. We just help people cure themselves. But thank you for asking. Yes, the unique process that we’ve created does work very well. We hear from clients almost every day now who have cured themselves using the Sarno 3.0 Master Class program.

A lot of our inquiries are from people who've been working on TMS for years or decades without success. But that’s just because the recipe they’re using is missing some ingredients. You’ll never make a cake without flour and sugar. It just won’t work.

So, in this episode, John explains the exact process that we use in our Sarno 3.0 Master Class for curing any TMS condition. This video is like the Cliff Notes version of our Master Class )which is 4 hours long).

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