Healing Back Pain in 2024



Eight out of ten people in the industrialized world experience back pain at least once in their lifetimes.

50% of all working Americans (about 80 million) have back pain every year.

And about 10% of adult Americans develop chronic back pain every year. That’s about 30 million people.

The financial cost of back pain in the United States is approximately three quarters of a Trillion US dollars per year. This……is a BIG problem.

So, in today’s video, John explains:
- Why, with the right information, this big problem can become a minor issue and solved quickly and easily.
- How he relabeled his pain and cured himself in short order.
- How YOU can change your perception of back pain to escape the medical industrial complex forever. 

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The #1 Thing to Heal Back Pain

Belief or lack thereof. That's what stops most people from curing their back pain. The reason belief is so important is that when you switch from medical care to a Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis and the mind-body approach to healing - now you're in charge. And so, what you believe determines how effective you are at curing your back pain.

What we observe a lot of the time is that when people don’t immediately improve, they start doubting the process. And then they start doubting themselves and their ability to cure themselves and they just give up and go back to their old faithful chiropractor. So, we need to change three specific, long-held beliefs that are wrong to have a positive outcome. And these wrong beliefs are: 

 A. First, doctors are godlike experts who know everything there is to know about back pain. Also - it’s very dangerous for you to try to cure yourself without a doctor. Only a doctor can cure you (not...

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