TMS: Momentum is the key to healing

Nothing makes the healing process easier than having momentum. And nothing makes it harder than attempting to heal for years but never establishing any momentum (or improvement).

So, what is healing momentum? Here’s a working definition:

Momentum is the force that propels your healing journey forward and is greater than the sum of your information, your strategy, and your effort combined. Momentum can actually make the process fun.

Healing momentum (which is identified by rapid symptom improvement) is categorized by 4 factors that will drive you forward. If these 4 factors are present, you’re as good as healed.

Creating momentum takes a considerable amount of effort. It’s like getting a rocket off the ground at Cape Canaveral. It takes a lot of energy and effort to escape the earth’s gravitational pull. However, once in space, it takes very little effort to keep moving forward.

There are four factors that fuel momentum:

1. Momentum is...

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