Connect the Dots to Heal TMS

“Connect the dots” isn’t just a game we played to draw a fun picture when we were kids. What we mean by connecting the dots in relation to your recovery from chronic pain is to:

  1.  Identify your primary stressors (the Master Class worksheets will guide you).
  2.  Match (connect!) your primary stressors TO your primary action items.

This may seem obvious, but it’s quite common for our students to consciously or unconsciously avoid facing their primary stressors head on. And we get it. Reducing the stress in your life by changing a job or a relationship or where you live or how you spend you free time or even dialing back your people pleasing can be uncomfortable, emotionally painful, messy, or just downright difficult…for a while. But in many cases, the transition is a much shorter period of time compared to how long you’ve been suffering with chronic pain! 

You’ve already been “managing” your chronic pain and other...

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