How to Cure Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy has become a very common topic of discussion here at the Pain Cure Clinic. And when people get any condition other than back pain, they tend to doubt whether it’s a TMS condition. It is. Dr. Sarno talked a lot about it. And that’s what John Thornton’s latest video is all about. 

Peripheral Neuropathy is not exactly pain. It’s more burning, numbness, and tingling - usually in the legs and feet. Sometimes it’s in the arms and hands. But it’s always TMS and we’ve seen a number of clients cure themselves of it. The process of healing is generally the same as curing any chronic condition. 

In this video you’ll learn:

1. What exactly is peripheral neuropathy and how is it created by stress?

2. What Dr. Sarno has to say about it. 

3. What you can do to stop the tingling, numbness, and burning forever.


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