The Divided Mind Part 1


In his earlier publications, Dr. Sarno had just one main purpose for writing the books. He wanted to explain what Tension Myositis Syndrome was and how it worked. And he did a great job with that. 


But by the time he wrote his final book, The Divided Mind, he realized that just telling people why the mind-body connection was right was not enough. Dr. Sarno understood that the pull toward pain management was too strong. People would try the TMS diagnosis for a short period of time and then revert to pain management again at the first sign of trouble. 


So, in the Divided Mind, Sarno takes his healing process a step further. He directly calls out the pain management industry as being a criminal enterprise in a very bold way. And he does so to in effort to burn bridges so that his patients won’t be tempted to drift back to the same bad medicine that didn’t work the first time around. 


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