Sarno Medal of Freedom: Dennis

Dennis from Texas’ TMS symptoms appeared 17 years ago. It started with sciatica back pain and he was told he had severe scoliosis. His preferred treatment was from his chiropractor. He went every week, without fail, for 17 years straight. He would feel a little better after each adjustment, but the pain would always return.

Dennis purchased and read the entire Healing Back Pain book in one afternoon. He knew that Dr. Sarno was speaking directly to him. Dennis said that it was the first time in almost two decades that something made sense. He then purchased the Sarno Master Class with a coaching session and went through the course in 2 days.Dennis locked into the material very quickly and was “basically out of pain in just two weeks.” Dennis’ message to other pain sufferers is that anyone can heal their back very quickly if they just do the course work.

Dennis is still an active member of the Pain Cure Clinic’s private Facebook group, and he jumps in...

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Sarno Medal of Freedom: Ellen

By all visible accounts, Ellen from New Zealand had a very successful life. She had a good marriage and good kids. She owns a successful business and has lots of friends. But how successful can life really be when you’re in constant pain and have other chronic symptoms?

Ellen had been suffering from many chronic conditions her whole life - from digestive disorders to TMJ - even carpal tunnel syndrome. Apparently, the computer keyboard was too much for her even though she is very physically fit.

Ellen wanted out of the pain/symptom loop. She’d finally had enough. So, when a friend mentioned Dr. Sarno, she read his book: The Mind-Body Prescription. It made total sense.

Then she contacted the Pain Cure Clinic to help her implement a strategy for curing what she now knew were TMS symptoms (not medical conditions). Ellen realized that her great life was a little “too great”- with too many moving parts. She needed to scale back. And that’s what she did.


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Sarno Medal Of Freedom: Mark

When Mark came to the Pain Cure Clinic, he was on his last leg - plagued by a variety of chronic symptoms that kept moving around his body for decades. He told us that going to doctors’ offices had become a full-time job. He had eczema, digestive issues, back pain, and peripheral neuropathy. And the day his tinnitus went away he got foot pain in both feet and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Mark had a big case of the symptom imperative. Mark was not having fun.

However, Mark is a natural skeptic and when he found Dr. Sarno’s book The Mind-Body Prescription, he knew his doctors where all wrong. He knew instinctively that this was an emotional problem, not a structural one. Being a highly sought-after economist, he knew that his opportunity costs of switching to Dr. Sarno’s methods were very low. Medical treatment had produced only bad results. So, Mark went to work. He read all of Dr. Sarno’s books. And then he contacted the Pain Cure Clinic and...

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Sarno Medal of Freedom Winner

On this day in 1776, the colonies of America declared their independence from the tyrannical rule of England (although we’ve made up since then and England is now our closest ally). The colonists considered freedom a God given right, and we agree. And freedom from pain is just as important. 


Our client, Osiris Kelly, also agrees. He suffered from excruciating pain throughout his body from a very young age. At one point it was so bad, he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to. 


But then he found Dr. Sarno and has made a complete 180-degree turnaround. You can see it in the pictures above.* 


Osiris is the first recipient of our Sarno Medal of Freedom, and we couldn’t have asked for a better one. He has the grit and independent spirit of Dr. Sarno - the namesake of this award. Excellent job Osiris! He has won the battle. We'll share his complete story in a video coming soon. 


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