TMS: Recommitment is most important.

Committing to TMS is what gets you in the game, but recommitting is what gets you to pain free forever. Most of us don’t get there without stumbling, tripping, and wandering off track a few times along the way. Recommitting keeps you out of the trap of criticizing yourself for not doing it perfectly. When you notice you’ve strayed from the original plan, recommitting yourself will get you back on track.

Committing to the process initially gets you started, but it’s how you deal with the obstacles to curing TMS is what determines your long-term success. Obstacles should not surprise you during the healing process. Obstacles are the process. Unless you are astonishingly lucky, you’re going to encounter many of them. Your beliefs about the mind-body connection will be challenged throughout the process. You will be tempted constantly to go back to the comfort of the traditional medical community. You will get distracted by white lab coats and you will be faced...

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