Is TMS Your Dark Passenger?

One of the obstacles to becoming pain free that we point out over and over again is: giving your chronic pain (or stomach upset or ringing in your ears or skin rash) way too much power. We’re typically teed-up to give our symptoms too much power when a doctor gives us our “diagnosis”: “You have ankylosing spondylitis or degenerative disc disease or trigeminal neuralgia.” Often, it’s a hard to pronounce mouthful that sounds really scary….and possibly contagious! And then you’re told: “We don’t know what causes this condition. There’s no cure. It’s chronic. You’re just going to have to do XYZ to manage the symptoms.” 


So then, (understandably) over time, a chronic condition starts taking on a life of its own. It becomes a huge part of your identity. One of our student’s referred to his neck pain as his constant companion!
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