Your Diagnosis Doesn't Matter


What do you mean, my diagnosis doesn’t matter? It’s true. If you have Tension Myositis Syndrome, then your medical diagnosis quickly becomes irrelevantSTOP here and take a big sigh...of relief!

There are dozens and dozens of “conditions” assigned to similar collections of chronic pain and other symptoms. But you only need ONE approach to heal all of them. So, join me right now for this episode where I’ll help you leave your doubts about TMS behind and start moving forward with your life!

One step closer to pain free,

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5 Clues: Do you have Tension Myositis Syndrome?

How would you like to learn 5 simple clues to help you decide whether or not you have a chronic pain condition called: Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS for short)?

TMS is a diagnosis coined by the late, great Dr. John Sarno. And if you do have TMS, this means that your chronic pain, while quite real, is stress-based. Tension in your mind (and in your life) is causing prolonged muscle tension and that’s what’s causing your ongoing pain. And this is really good news because there’s a way out and a way forward. You can cure TMS!


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