The Truth About Fibromyalgia 

Let me guess. You've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia because your doctor has evaluated your symptoms and come to the conclusion (by process of elimination) that it must be Fibromyalgia.

But you’re not convinced. It seems a little squirrelly to you. The symptoms seem unrelated and they come and go.  

Well….join the club. Most people who have been diagnosed with Fibro think their doctor is just guessing. Maybe that’s true.

Here’s a list of Fibromyalgia symptoms:

  • pain (anywhere)
  • feeling tired
  • sleep problems
  • dizziness
  • weight gain
  • nausea

What do all these symptoms have in common? Well, nothing really. They could apply to anyone or anything.

All the symptoms you are experiencing are vague and could apply to anyone on any particular day.

Let’s face it:

You’ve Been Sold a Pack of Lies.

Before you can stop all these abstract symptoms, you have to completely change your mind-set about what’s causing them.  

The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was fabricated in the 1990’s to cover a wide range of symptoms that the doctors didn’t know what to do with.

The diagnosis is a complete falsehood. 

In actuality, the symptoms are just the result of an overactive autonomic nervous system. Do you see yourself as a stressed out person? Yeah…thought so.

So if you are open to this idea that your diagnosis is possibly incorrect and you might just have a collection of stress-symptoms, watch this video:

The Truth About Managing Your Fibromyalgia  

The truth is you don’t have to manage your Fibromyalgia because it’s just a label they made up in the 1990’s. Yes, your pain and other symptoms are totally real. Absolutely real. It’s just that: 

Your symptoms are being caused by stress. 

John Sarno MD, in his 2006 best-selling book - The Divided Mind identified Fibromyalgia as a stress disorder. This shouldn’t be too hard to believe since the mainstream medical community has the cause listed as: “unknown”

The 3 Keys To Curing Your Fibro Symptoms are:

  1. Change your belief - your doctor is wrong.
  2. Learn how to turn off what has become a continuous unconscious fight or flight response.
  3. Reduce your stress level to the point where the symptoms will stop. 
We’ve Helped Hundreds of People Cure Themselves This Way.


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