The Truth About Shoulder Pain 

Let me guess. You’ve been diagnosed with a tear in your shoulder (rotator cuff) that your doctor seems very sure is the cause of your shoulder pain. Or maybe you’ve been labeled with “frozen shoulder” - but there’s no good reason for it. Things don’t seem to add up.

You’re not convinced that your doctor is right about the diagnosis.

That’s not a surprise. The orthopedic community doesn’t seem to have a good handle on shoulder pain.

Doesn’t it seem odd that you tore your shoulder, but you don’t remember doing it?

There was a study done at UCSF hospital in the 1990’s on rotator cuff tears and their relationship to shoulder pain. Here’s what they found:

The study included 500 people who had never had any shoulder pain. They did an MRI on both shoulders of these test subjects (who had never had any shoulder pain).

CONCLUSION: Out of the 500 test subjects (without pain) given an MRI, 446 displayed tears in their rotator cuffs. That’s 89% of people without shoulder pain showed tears in their rotator cuff. After that study 30 years ago, nothing has changed. There are more rotator cuff surgeries every single year.

Is the medical community really out for your best interest? I wouldn’t automatically assume that.

You've been sold a pack of lies.   


The truth is that stress and anxiety are causing your shoulder pain. Not your rotator cuff. 

I know your orthopedic surgeon seems like a nice honest guy, but it’s his training that’s defective, not your shoulder.

The truth is that there’s nothing structurally wrong with your shoulder. You can easily cure it.

THE REAL TRUTH. Stress from living in the modern world is causing tightness in the muscle tissue all over your body but, in particular, your should. Your body is in a continuous fight or flight loop.

So then all you have to do is reduce mental tension in the mind and then reduce muscle tension in the shoulder. And it’s a whole lot easier than shoulder surgery.

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