Recent Praise for the
Healing Back Pain Master Class: 


Rusty from Arizona

“I suffered from constant back pain for over 15 years. I tried anything and everything I could find including: Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, Stretching, Massage, Physio Tape, Epidural Shots, and Disc Ablation Surgery. Nothing did anything. And then I purchased the Master Class, and in just 2 days, my pain was gone.”

Student Success Stories:

Peter in London 

"Dr. Sarno’s books are great. However, I had real trouble connecting the dots and actually healing my back pain. Laura and John’s back pain course was just what I needed. The back pain course allowed me to finally apply Dr. Sarno’s ideas in a very practical way and to heal myself permanently. The course is fun, fast paced, and really brings the healing process to life. And after 13 years, my back pain was gone in about 45 days. I really love the HBP Master Class.”

Jennifer in Los Alamos

"Every sentence in the back pain course was important and new information for me. The coaches really know their stuff. There was no BS. They pulled together many seemingly unrelated concepts to deliver one powerful healing message. I don’t know what it is, but I felt the trust in Laura and John’s methodology right away. The Master Class made me feel comfortable that I could let go of my medical treatment and finally go all in on mind-body. And when I did go all in, it worked very quickly and my back pain went away 7 months ago and has not returned. It’s been life changing.” 

Raul in Vancouver

"I knew that anxiety was causing my back pain but I couldn’t figure out how to heal it. I was searching Google for help late one night and found the Healing Back Pain course. I immediately knew that I had found the answer. The back pain course addresses both the stress that creates the pain and also the stress that’s created by the pain. And that was super effective. It was a complete game changer for me. My pain was gone in just 8 weeks thanks to John and Laura and their wonderful program.” 

Barbara in Palm Desert

“I'd been in therapy for years and spent a small fortune dealing with stress and anxiety issues that never seemed to help my back pain. And then I found the healing back pain class. Within 6 weeks my pain was gone completely. Best of all - the healing back pain course was about 1/2 the price of one therapy session! It’s an unbelievable value. I’ve been recommending the course to everyone with back pain.”

Emilio in Taos 

“I was diagnosed with L5 S1 herniated discs and along with chiropractor visits and many epidural shots, I also had 2 back surgeries. Nothing worked. The pain was constant. A good friend gave me Dr. Sarno’s books and that’s when I realized everything I was told was BS. He told me about the HBP Master Class and I purchased that as well. The stretching demonstrations in the Master Class were extremely important to my success. Without them, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to heal. With them, I was able to release the tightness in my lower back and heal almost immediately. Now, I’m waking up every day feeling completely normal and pain free. The HBP Master Class was a real godsend. I can’t say enough about it.”

Suri in Taiwan 

“I knew I had Tension Myositis Syndrome but I couldn’t figure out what exactly was causing it. And that made me doubt my diagnosis on a regularly basis. The back pain class was great because it helped me identify my psychological stressors that were causing the pain. And then the class even showed me how to resolve the stress so the pain would go away. And it did. I’m so grateful for Laura and John putting together such a great resource. I cured myself months ago but I still watch it once a month to keep the pain away.”

Marianne in Salt Lake City

“When I purchased the back pain class, I was still pretty skeptical that stress could actually be causing my back pain. But I was desperate to try anything at that point. The changing belief section of the course was extremely powerful. It allowed me to finally accept 100% that my pain was not structural. I watched the class 4 times over the course of one month. I reprogramed my thinking and healed very quickly. Thanks you guys for putting this whole thing together.” 

Joshua in Milwaukee 

“The course was great and it definitely healed my back pain in record time. However, the best part was that the Master Class healed all my other TMS symptoms at the same time. No more digestive issues, no more fibromyalgia, and no more headaches. Great job guys!”

Once you cross the pain-free finish line, you'll be awarded the Sarno Medal of Freedom. Dr. Sarno would be proud.

Once you cross the pain-free finish line, you'll be awarded the Sarno Medal of Freedom.
Dr. Sarno would be proud.

Conditions that our students have cured:   

 Bulging Discs
 Degenerative Discs
✅ Herniated Discs 
✅ Slipped Discs 
✅ Ankylosing Spondylitis
✅ Muscle Strains
✅ Osteoarthritis 
✅ Pinched Nerve 

✅ Sciatica 
✅ Scoliosis 
✅ Spondylolisthesis 
✅ Vertebral Compression Fracture 
✅ And Other Spinal Diagnoses

94% success rate for those who follow through
with the program action steps.

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Coaching services offered by the Pain Cure Clinic are not intended as medical advice or professional psychotherapy. This is practical knowledge based on experience about how to alternately eliminate chronic pain symptoms caused by psychological factors. Medical or mental health questions or diagnosis  should be directed to your physician or psychologist. The Pain Cure Clinic is not endorsed by or affiliated with Dr. John Sarno. *Individual results will vary.