How To Cure Tinnitus

Let me guess. You’ve tried everything under the sun to stop the ringing in your ears and nothing seems to work. That’s not a surprise. The tinnitus experts at (American Tinnitus Association) don’t seem to know or want to recognize the real cause of ringing in the ears. 

Here’s a list of tinnitus causes from their website:

  1. Hearing loss
  2. Ear Wax
  3. Head Trauma
  4. TMJ Disorder
  5. Sinus Pressure
  6. Brian Injury
  7. Ototoxic Drugs (NSAID’s, antibiotics, diuretics etc)
  8. Tumors

How are you supposed to treat a disease that is caused by so many different things? It’s impossible. There are attempts to treat the symptoms but no attempts to treat the cause.

If you don’t treat the cause of any disease, you cannot cure the disease.

You’ve Been Sold a Bunch of Lies

Before you can stop the ringing in the ears, you have to completely change your mind-set about how tinnitus is created.

Your doctor’s medical treatment is a complete falsehood.

In actuality, it’s your autonomic nervous system that’s causing muscle contraction in your inner ear. And that tight muscle tissue is what’s causing your symptoms. Watch this video to hear exactly how the fight or flight response causes muscle contraction that's creating the ringing in your ears.

The Truth About Managing Your Tinnitus

The truth is you don’t have to manage your tinnitus. You can cure it permanently.

  • Hearing Aids don’t work
  • Sound Therapy is a waste of time
  • Drug Therapies don’t work
  • TMJ Treatments are not the answer
  • Hypnotherapy won’t work if your doctor doesn’t recognize stress as the cause

The Truth About Curing Your Tinnitus

  • First you must change your belief about what’s causing your tinnitus (Hint - Stress).
  • Second, you must create a deliberate plan to reduce your mental tension.
  • Third, you must increase physical activity in order to reduce your stress.
  • Stop listening to your doctor’s tinnitus advice. It’s not getting you anywhere.

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