Cato: Sarno Medal of Freedom

Jan 16, 2024

My name is Cato. I’m 19 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. A little bit over a year and a half ago, I started getting really intense groin and leg pain. I was told to stop working out (so it could heal) but the pain only got worse. My physiotherapist told me not to participate in any activities that caused me pain, however this meant that I couldn't participate in any physical activities anymore.

Even though people around me told me differently, I knew that this was not my "destiny" and that I would be able to get back to the gym and live like a normal teenager again. 

While googling about nerve pain (because me orthopedist told me that could possibly be the cause), I stumbled across the Pain Cure Clinic. Learning about my personality and stress as a cause of pain was like a world opening up to me. As soon as I found out about TMS, I was determined to beat it and become pain free. It sure came with many ups and downs and I had to overcome my fear of movement. But I can now say, with certainty, that I have successfully recovered and am pain free! 

Well done Cato! And thank you for sharing your inspiring story.
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