Here's what you can expect from our healing program.


Freedom from chronic back pain for the rest of your life. 

Once you learn the secret behind healing chronic stress-based back pain, you won’t have to worry about it coming back. You won’t fear the pain anymore because now you know what to do.  

Freedom from chiropractors. 

Chiropractors are really nice people. There’s no doubt. But once you cure your back pain you won’t need to visit your chiropractor anymore.

You can still send him a Christmas card though if you want to. 

Freedom from constant medical bills. 

We know how much you like spending your hard-earned money on fun stuff like medical bills. Well, you won’t be able to anymore.

Now you’ll have to spend your money on other things like vacations, concerts, and nice restaurants.

Freedom from prescription drugs. 

Constant pain usually leads to multiple prescription drugs with an untold number of side effects. Constipation, irritability, and loss of sex drive are not a fun combination.

Once you heal your back pain you won’t need those drugs and won’t have to pay for them either.

Better relationships with friends and family. 

Chronic back pain makes relationships tough. It’s nearly impossible to be pleasant when you’re in pain.

But once the pain is gone, you’ll feel like a new person and your friends and family will immediately notice the new and improved you.

You’ll feel happy and you’ll more easily connect with the people closest to you.

Who knows? You might even see romance making a comeback in your life.

Better performance at work when you’re pain free. 

It’s really challenging to focus and be your best with constant back pain.

When you heal your back pain, your attitude and performance will automatically improve. Your boss and co-workers will notice the new you.

And now you can save your sick days for times when you aren’t sick (wink).

Better social life and a better life when you’re free from back pain.  

It’s tough to really enjoy social events when you’re in constant pain. Heck, it’s tough to really enjoy life at all when you’re in constant pain.

Now, once you’re pain free, you can go out to dinner, buy tickets to the concert, and go to the party. You’ll actually be able to (wait for it)…have fun again!

It's time to start enjoying life once again.  


Coaching services offered by the Pain Cure Clinic are not intended as medical advice or professional psychotherapy.
This is practical knowledge based on experience about how to alternately eliminate chronic pain symptoms caused by psychological factors. Medical or mental health questions or diagnosis  should be directed to your physician or psychologist. The Pain Cure Clinic is not endorsed by or affiliated with Dr. John Sarno. *Individual results will vary.