Sarno Medal of Freedom: Ellen

Aug 15, 2023

By all visible accounts, Ellen from New Zealand had a very successful life. She had a good marriage and good kids. She owns a successful business and has lots of friends. But how successful can life really be when you’re in constant pain and have other chronic symptoms?

Ellen had been suffering from many chronic conditions her whole life - from digestive disorders to TMJ - even carpal tunnel syndrome. Apparently, the computer keyboard was too much for her even though she is very physically fit.

Ellen wanted out of the pain/symptom loop. She’d finally had enough. So, when a friend mentioned Dr. Sarno, she read his book: The Mind-Body Prescription. It made total sense.

Then she contacted the Pain Cure Clinic to help her implement a strategy for curing what she now knew were TMS symptoms (not medical conditions). Ellen realized that her great life was a little “too great”- with too many moving parts. She needed to scale back. And that’s what she did.

And now Ellen has been pain free for 9 months and she’s committed to never going backward. She’s very deserving of the Sarno Medal of Freedom. Dr. Sarno would be proud. Hooray!

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