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Dec 25, 2023

In the beginning of the 20th Century, poor people came to the United States from all over the world to make a new life for themselves. They worked very hard, saved every penny, and many of them, who showed up with almost nothing in their pockets, became very rich. They became the new rich - otherwise known as the “nouveau riche”. Their strong work ethic has become the foundation for the financial success of the United States.

Then, 16 years ago, author Tim Ferris identified a big problem with this hard-working mindset. Tim said:

“What’s the point of working all the time and saving all your money if you never enjoy yourself or your life?”  This just doesn’t make sense.

Tim wrote the mega best-selling book The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9 to 5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. And this time, “new rich” meant rich with time as well as money. This book is Tim’s autobiographical account of running a passive income business, while traveling the world, having a great time, and only working 4 hours a week. It’s a great book and shows a much more balanced approach to life. Highly recommended.

But it’s almost 2024, and we now need another definition of the new rich. We have a better work-life balance and jobs are much more flexible than they were back in 2007 when Tim published his book. That’s not the problem now.

Now, we’re lacking the most precious thing of all: HEALTH. Chronic pain and illness have become an epidemic in the 21st Century. Virtually everyone has multiple chronic conditions and is on multiple drugs. They have money. They have time. However, when it comes to health, they’re completely broke. We’ve come to assume that knee and hip replacements are a rite of passage. Everyone takes 4 prescription drugs. Everyone has back pain. Healthcare is approaching 25% of the United States’ GNP. The people who wake up every day feeling completely normal, with no chronic symptom and taking no medication are the billionaires in today’s world. They are the new rich.

Brendon Grimshaw (pictured above) was one of the new rich way before it was fashionable. He purchased Moyenne Island in the Seychelles Archipelago in 1962 for $5,000. And then left the corporate world for good and moved to the remote island. He lived a very simple life with little money and no easy access to doctors or healthcare. And he was happy. At one point, in 1996, he was offered $50 million dollars for his island. Grimshaw knew that what he had was worth more than all the money in the world. He didn’t sell. He lived on Moyenne Island (now Grimshaw Island) for 50 years until his death in 2012 at age 87.

So as the new year approaches, consider your rethinking your priorities. There are a lot of things you might want but what’s the most important thing? What’s the rarest commodity? It’s not money. It’s not time. It’s health.

And 2024 is your time to start getting truly rich.

Happy Holidays!

John and Laura.

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