Real People and Real TMS Recovery

Apr 15, 2022

We’ve had a very active start to 2022! With many new students jumping on board AND (our favorite!) – many TMS recovery success stories. So, you may be wondering: What, specifically, are our students doing to get better? Take a look:

- Exercising (and overcoming the fear of moving their body!)
- Letting go of toxic (or simply “expired”) relationships
- Moving to different cities/states/countries 
- Learning to dance
- Changing jobs or careers
- Saying “NO”
- Prioritizing self-care (massage is not a luxury!
- Starting a meditation practice
- Finding a new purpose (a common issue when transitioning into retirement)
- Finding a new hobby (and stopping hyper-vigilance around their chronic “condition”
-Backing off perfectionism
- Playing the guitar – again.
- Having (a lot!) more FUN
- Stretching and foam rolling (consistently!)
- Getting off the medical merry-go-round…for good
- Planning getaways (without the kids)
- Adopting pets…

...and there are more – big things, small things, layers of things. Letting go is often resisted, yet necessary. But what do all our successful students have in common? 

They BELIEVED IN TMS as their diagnosis.
They took action to REDUCE STRESS and improve their lives.
They started MOVING THEIR BODIES again.
They CHANGED something…or many things. 
They HIT THE RESET BUTTON and started fresh.
They stopped looking back and started MOVING AHEAD

Chronic pain is a message. Your first order of business is to listen and interpret the meaning of your SOS….and then to act upon this as if your life depends on it. Because, my friends, the quality of your life, from this point forward, truly does.

We have over 300 members on our private Facebook group. Hundreds of people – just like you - supporting one another and getting rid of chronic pain/symptoms every day. You don’t have to do this alone.

To stop treading water and join this mighty group today: Sarno 3.0 Master Class

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