The New Way to Cure TMS

Oct 14, 2022



Very often, people mistakenly think that Dr. Sarno’s books are instructional books on how to cure TMS. But actually, they are not. The purpose of each book was to explain, promote, and defend the Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis. And the books do a great job of that.


The books do have clues about what to do but they don’t exactly explain how to do it. That’s because while Dr. Sarno was alive and practicing, he wanted people to come to New York and attend a series of instructional seminars. That’s how most people were cured.

But now Sarno is gone and people are left to try to figure it out themselves. Journaling has become one of the main action items and there’s no doubt that this can be helpful. However, the word “journaling” does not appear in any of his books. This improvisational process that’s developed is what’s called “the old way” of curing TMS and it’s not very effective for most people.

Today’s video is about the NEW way. And the new way is very different from the old way and it’s very effective. Watch the video.

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