TMS & Knee Pain

Oct 07, 2022

The knee is one of the trickiest areas of the body to diagnose as Tension Myositis Syndrome. Unlike the back or shoulder or neck, the knee is a joint that’s always in motion and it takes a lot of impact. 

So knee pain might be a real structural problem. And there’s no doubt that sometimes it is. But not all the time and maybe not even most of the time. Maybe it’s actually rare that knee pain is not TMS.

In this video, John reviews three clinical studies that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that most knee pain is not the structural problem that you’re being told it is. And you’ll also learn why most common knee surgeries are completely unnecessary.

Today we’re going to look at: 
-  Torn cartilage
-  Meniscus tears
-  Osteoarthritis

Don’t kneel to the pain, watch this video instead!

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