TMS: My Heart is Racing

Nov 07, 2023


High blood pressure is one of the very few “medical conditions” that traditional medicine admits is caused by stress. According to a recent survey of primary care doctors, they believed that:

•   40% of hypertension is caused by genetics.
•   35% is caused by lifestyle: poor diet, no exercise, smoking.
•   25% percent is caused by stress.

However, Dr. Samuel Mann MD, who specializes in hypertension and was a colleague of Dr. Sarno, has studied stress for decades and he has a different take on it. The question Dr. Mann poses is this:

Is hypertension caused by daily stresses like traffic & technology? 
Or is hypertension caused by repressed negative emotions? 

Dr. Mann says that a large percentage of hypertension can be categorized as TMS, and he’s created a unique way of determining whether HBP is caused by the stress and anxiety of daily life or deep-seated repressed negative emotions. 

What Dr. Mann discovers is important for all TMS sufferers because HBP is the canary in the coal mine for all TMS conditions. You’ll be surprised. 

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