TMS or Real Medical Problem

Jan 20, 2023


Is it a real medical condition or TMS? That's the question that plagues to many people. And there are many things that work against you.

It feels like a real medical condition. Your doctor says it’s a real medical condition. And the diagnostics (seems to) reveal that it’s a real medical condition. But it’s also a known TMS condition.

In this episode, John Thornton takes you behind the curtain to show you a recent struggle that he had with calf pain. Even though he’s the coach, he was still challenged by what seemed like a very real medical condition.

In this video, you’ll learn:
1. How a real muscle strain can become TMS
2. How your mind can play tricks on you
3. John's foolproof strategy for determining what's really TMS

To find out how John recently overcame a TMS symptom very quickly: WATCH THE VIDEO

And to get started on YOUR recovery: Click Here


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