Your Diagnosis Doesn't Matter  

So, you’ve got a new health problem. It might be back pain or digestive issues. Maybe it’s headaches or ringing in the ears. You’re not sure how it started but you definitely want to stop it as soon as possible. You’ve somehow found a Dr. Sarno book, and this mind-body stuff seems to make a lot of sense. However, your doctor’s diagnosis seems plausible as well.    

So, who's right here - your doctor or Dr. Sarno? 

And this is tricky because your doctor has never even heard of the mind-connection or Dr. Sarno. She’s never given anyone the Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis.

Let’s face it. When you go to your doctor with a new problem, there are 3 choices.

  1.  You have an acute problem that can be easily solved in a straightforward way with something like stitches or an antibiotic.
  2.  You get a diagnosis that seems very suspect for which the medical community has no solution.
  3.  Or the infirmity is labelled idiopathic which means that don’t know what’s causing it. They can’t really figure out what’s wrong with you.

Doctors are great with acute diagnosis, but not so great with chronic diagnosis.
If they were, all of these “conditions” wouldn’t be chronic, would they?  

So, you realize that something is fishy here, but you’re finding it hard to drop your medical diagnosis - even though it doesn’t seem to be serving you. How can it be if you’re not getting any better? 

It may be time to swim away from the edge of the pool.

It might be time to really embrace the TMS diagnosis. It might be time to give up your old medical diagnosis for good. You must give it up to get better.  

Laura explains why your diagnosis doesn’t matter:   



The Truth About Diagnosing Chronic Illness 

Curing Tension Myositis Syndrome is not necessarily the hardest part. Sometimes the hardest part is being sure that you have TMS. There are a handful of doctors who will use the TMS diagnosis, but they are few and far between.  

However, if you have a health problem that has no clear origin and no clear resolution, it could very likely be TMS.

So, move toward TMS treatment, while at the same time distance yourself from previous medical treatment, if it’s accomplishing nothing. Remember: 

Your Diagnosis Doesn't Matter.

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