Mark's TMS Success Story



Mark from Alabama had the Symptom Imperative and was hit by different symptoms throughout his adult life. He would have back pain that would turn into allergies that would turn into tinnitus. He would invariably “throw his back out” when something difficult or stressful was about to happen.


He categorizes his former self as being “partially disabled” because of all his symptoms. Like all of us, Mark tried everything - including heating pads, a chiropractor, allergy shots, epidural shots, pain killers, hot showers, and neti pots. This went on for 20 years.


Mark says that: “Doctors had been disappointing me my whole life.”


Then he found Dr. Sarno and our Sarno 3.0 Master Class. Now all of his symptoms are completely gone. And he has confidence that they will never come back.

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Connect the Dots to Heal TMS

“Connect the dots” isn’t just a game we played to draw a fun picture when we were kids. What we mean by connecting the dots in relation to your recovery from chronic pain is to:

  1.  Identify your primary stressors (the Master Class worksheets will guide you).
  2.  Match (connect!) your primary stressors TO your primary action items.

This may seem obvious, but it’s quite common for our students to consciously or unconsciously avoid facing their primary stressors head on. And we get it. Reducing the stress in your life by changing a job or a relationship or where you live or how you spend you free time or even dialing back your people pleasing can be uncomfortable, emotionally painful, messy, or just downright difficult…for a while. But in many cases, the transition is a much shorter period of time compared to how long you’ve been suffering with chronic pain! 

You’ve already been “managing” your chronic pain and other...

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How to Process Repressed Anger



If you've read even just a few pages of a Dr. Sarno book, you know that he talks a lot about repressed anger. In this video, Laura Thornton unpacks this TMS trigger and how to get past it to heal!

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Dennis's TMS Success Story



This is a must see video from Dennis. Watch how Dennis overcame 17 years of back pain... among other chronic symptoms. You can do it too! 

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TMS and Digestive Disorders



The Sarno community is made up primarily of millions of people who suffer all kinds of pain all over their bodies. But the real unsung villain that may be the most common TMS symptom of all, is digestive disorders. The primary symptom is usually pain, but most TMSer’s also suffer with digestive problems of one kind or another. And many don’t know or acknowledge that digestive disruption is is TMS too. It definitely is. So get ready to throw out your TUMS, Prilosec, Imodium, Alka-Seltzer and Pepto Bismol! In this episode, you'll learn: 

1. How the autonomic nervous system is the real culprit disrupting your digestive processes.

2. Why the medical establishment has hidden the true cause of all digestive disorders – STRESS!

3. How you can eliminate all digestive disorders, so that you can eat and drink anything you want without fear.

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A Certain Path to Cure TMS

tms path to cure Aug 19, 2022



So, what if I told you that the certain path to curing Tension Myositis Syndrome is to embrace feeling UNCERTAIN? The road that leads to chronic pain free may seem scary - because you do have to be willing to encounter the unknown, but your temporary discomfort will be worth it. Join me now and learn more!


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Call Your Doctor Lisa

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2022



There’s an imbalance of power in the doctor/patient relationship and it does much more harm than good. Our society puts doctors, or anyone wearing a lab coat, high up on a pedestal where it feels impossible to challenge them - even when their results are really bad. 


So in this video, John Thornton explains his strategy (that he’s used for 25 years) for righting that balance of power. John suggests that you start calling your doctors by their first name only. 


Being on a first name basis with your doctor is the first step to a better and more beneficial relationship. This one small change will make a giant difference in your TMS and your overall health. If this idea scares you or sounds crazy, that’s exactly why you should watch this video.


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The Divided Mind Part 1


In his earlier publications, Dr. Sarno had just one main purpose for writing the books. He wanted to explain what Tension Myositis Syndrome was and how it worked. And he did a great job with that. 


But by the time he wrote his final book, The Divided Mind, he realized that just telling people why the mind-body connection was right was not enough. Dr. Sarno understood that the pull toward pain management was too strong. People would try the TMS diagnosis for a short period of time and then revert to pain management again at the first sign of trouble. 


So, in the Divided Mind, Sarno takes his healing process a step further. He directly calls out the pain management industry as being a criminal enterprise in a very bold way. And he does so to in effort to burn bridges so that his patients won’t be tempted to drift back to the same bad medicine that didn’t work the first time around. 


In this...

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30 Quick Hacks for TMS

Epic news! We’ve put together a new e-book: 30 Quick Hacks for TMS. It's a collection of little shortcut actions to help cure Tension Myositis Syndrome. 

It's great. You'll love it. And it's FREE for anyone who has purchased the Complete Master Class. In fact, it's already in the Bonus (last) section of the course right now. PCC students - please check it out when you get a chance. 

30 Quick TMS Hacks is the shortest distance between you and a reduction in your symptoms. Some hacks can be accomplished in just 5 minutes. Some take a little longer. Most are very easy and accessible to anyone and can be accomplished today. 

Our Sarno 3.0 Master Class is still the best long-term solution to Tension Myositis Syndrome. However, sometimes everybody just wants (and needs) a shortcut to switch off the pain quickly and easily. These hacks have been developed after years of research and trial and error in the real world. They are...

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How To Handle TMS Naysayers

Dr. Sarno tells us that about 90% of the population find it impossible to switch from medical care to a mind-body connection approach to recovering from chronic conditions. So, don't be discouraged if those near and dear to you aren't particularly supportive of your Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis and your commitment to heal yourself. You're on the right path.  

Take a breath and join us. In this video, we do a little role playing to help you navigate through the naysayers, stay strong and get better!


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