Christine: Sarno Medal of Freedom Winner!

My name is Christine and I am very happy to accept the Sarno Medal of Freedom. I live in Australia. I am 72 years old. I have had many TMS symptoms over my life. Migraines, anxiety, burning eyes, vertigo, panic attacks, severe digestive disorders and more recently tinnitus. I had read a couple of John Sarno’s books over the years and accepted my issues were probably TMS but had never really devoted the time or resources to doing the work during a 40-year career as a teacher. 


Being a perfectionist and very stoic I managed this career with the minimum of sick leave and an attitude to just keep going and it was rewarding despite the health issues. On retirement in 2016 my migraines vanished - there’s a signal! A couple of years into retirement a series of life stresses saw me spiral into fight or flight in a big way. I became super alert - very sensitive to sound and very anxious about my health. I was prescribed antidepressants and beta-blockers as...

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Cato's TMS Success Story



Say hello to Cato from The Netherlands! She was just a teenager when she began experiencing chronic pain...but with a belief in TMS, courage and ACTION, this brave young woman recovered and is living a full life again. 


Watch and be inspired - thank you for sharing, Cato!

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Rusty: Sarno Medal of Freedom Winner!

Rusty from Arizona wins the Sarno Medal of Freedom Award – well done!

Our client, Rusty, had a rough time of it. He suffered from constant back pain for over 15 years. He tried everything including: 

Physical Therapy
Physio Tape
Epidural Shots
Disc Ablation Surgery

And nothing on this list did anything.

As amazing as it sounds, Rusty found Dr. Sarno - read Healing Back Pain and purchased the Sarno 3.0 Master Class and….in just 2 days, his pain was gone!

It’s hard to believe, none of his friends believe it (not unusual) but he’s playing golf 3 days per week, working out 3 days per week, stretching walking, doing yard work, doing anything he wants to do physically.

There’s nothing stopping him now.

Rusty says, without a doubt, he’s going to be pain free for the rest of his life. If Rusty can do it, YOU can too.

Way to go Rusty! Dr. Sarno would be proud that you've received this award...

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Amisha: Sarno Medal of Freedom


My name is Amisha and I live in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. I have suffered from many pain symptoms for much of my life. Most recently, I have had much hip pain and also very bad ringing in my ears. The ringing was driving me crazy! I was able to find John and Laura’s videos and then I knew my problems were from being very stressful in life.

The courses and video classes taught me not to worry about individual problems like my hips or ears. The course says that we must calm the whole nervous system and then the pain will go. So that’s what I did.

I did journaling about my life. I did positive affirmations that there was “nothing wrong with me”. And I did meditation every morning for 20 minutes. (The Meditation Course is great too!).

Now I have no ringing in my ears and no other pain for almost 2 months now. I am very happy to accept the Medal of Freedom. Thank you so much Laura and John for your courses and encouragement. It has meant so much to...

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Healing Back Pain in 2024



Eight out of ten people in the industrialized world experience back pain at least once in their lifetimes.

50% of all working Americans (about 80 million) have back pain every year.

And about 10% of adult Americans develop chronic back pain every year. That’s about 30 million people.

The financial cost of back pain in the United States is approximately three quarters of a Trillion US dollars per year. This……is a BIG problem.

So, in today’s video, John explains:
- Why, with the right information, this big problem can become a minor issue and solved quickly and easily.
- How he relabeled his pain and cured himself in short order.
- How YOU can change your perception of back pain to escape the medical industrial complex forever. 

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Jeff: Sarno Medal of Freedom

Greetings from Jeff in Pennsylvania!

Foot pain was just the start - 20+ years ago. One day I woke up with burning, stinging pain in my heels and a dull ache in my arches. Where did this come from? I blamed it on playing basketball with my kids barefoot.

My family physician recommended that I see a physical therapist for inflammation from plantar fasciitis. The PT gave me stretches to do and made plaster casts of my feet for custom orthotics. I wore the orthotics. The pain persisted. I found a podiatrist. He was not impressed with my orthotics. They wobbled. He took them back to his workshop and tinkered with them.

Then the podiatrist suggested injections directly into my heels. He warned that this would hurt. He was right. He was very right! I’ll never forget leaving his office and driving to our son's school to pick him up from a Cub Scout gathering. I was practically crawling from my car into the school. The pain from the shot eventually went away. But the PF kept right on...

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Cato: Sarno Medal of Freedom

My name is Cato. I’m 19 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. A little bit over a year and a half ago, I started getting really intense groin and leg pain. I was told to stop working out (so it could heal) but the pain only got worse. My physiotherapist told me not to participate in any activities that caused me pain, however this meant that I couldn't participate in any physical activities anymore.

Even though people around me told me differently, I knew that this was not my "destiny" and that I would be able to get back to the gym and live like a normal teenager again. 

While googling about nerve pain (because me orthopedist told me that could possibly be the cause), I stumbled across the Pain Cure Clinic. Learning about my personality and stress as a cause of pain was like a world opening up to me. As soon as I found out about TMS, I was determined to beat it and become pain free. It sure came with many ups and downs and I had to overcome my...

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The TMS Billionaire

In the beginning of the 20th Century, poor people came to the United States from all over the world to make a new life for themselves. They worked very hard, saved every penny, and many of them, who showed up with almost nothing in their pockets, became very rich. They became the new rich - otherwise known as the “nouveau riche”. Their strong work ethic has become the foundation for the financial success of the United States.

Then, 16 years ago, author Tim Ferris identified a big problem with this hard-working mindset. Tim said:

“What’s the point of working all the time and saving all your money if you never enjoy yourself or your life?”  This just doesn’t make sense.

Tim wrote the mega best-selling book The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9 to 5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. And this time, “new rich” meant rich with time as well as money. This book is Tim’s autobiographical account of running a passive income...

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TMS: 5 Quick Fear Hacks



Chronic pain can create a lot of fear. Worry that the pain or other symptoms will never go away. Fear about being able to do the things you love - like recreational activities and travel. And even fear of being able to work, manage your daily routine and stay independent.

Fear is a heavy load and, in this episode, I want to lighten this burden by giving you

5 Quick Fear Hacks for Tension Myositis Syndrome.

You can use these hacks right away to start healing TMS for good. Your chronic pain free life is just around the corner!

Cheering You On!
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What to do when TMS flares up


Sometimes, just when you think you’ve got TMS under control, all the sudden TMS pain flares up - seemingly out of nowhere. Just when you thought you had a handle on it.

It’s not only painful, but also frustrating. Don’t be discouraged. Often, the increase in symptoms is because you’re starting to win the battle and your subconscious is making a last-ditch effort to stop your progress. 
A flare up may just mean that you’re getting closer and closer to curing yourself.

In this video, John explains the 4-step action process for flare ups:

- You’ll learn the 1st and most important thing to do to end the flare quickly. 

- You’ll learn how the TMS flare is correlated to a flare up in emotional conflict.

- You’ll learn how stop flare ups from occurring in the future.

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