30 Quick Hacks for TMS

Epic news! We’ve put together a new e-book: 30 Quick Hacks for TMS. It's a collection of little shortcut actions to help cure Tension Myositis Syndrome. 

It's great. You'll love it. And it's FREE for anyone who has purchased the Complete Master Class. In fact, it's already in the Bonus (last) section of the course right now. PCC students - please check it out when you get a chance. 

30 Quick TMS Hacks is the shortest distance between you and a reduction in your symptoms. Some hacks can be accomplished in just 5 minutes. Some take a little longer. Most are very easy and accessible to anyone and can be accomplished today. 

Our Sarno 3.0 Master Class is still the best long-term solution to Tension Myositis Syndrome. However, sometimes everybody just wants (and needs) a shortcut to switch off the pain quickly and easily. These hacks have been developed after years of research and trial and error in the real world. They are...

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How To Handle TMS Naysayers

Dr. Sarno tells us that about 90% of the population find it impossible to switch from medical care to a mind-body connection approach to recovering from chronic conditions. So, don't be discouraged if those near and dear to you aren't particularly supportive of your Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis and your commitment to heal yourself. You're on the right path.  

Take a breath and join us. In this video, we do a little role playing to help you navigate through the naysayers, stay strong and get better!


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TMS: Recommitment is most important.

Committing to TMS is what gets you in the game, but recommitting is what gets you to pain free forever. Most of us don’t get there without stumbling, tripping, and wandering off track a few times along the way. Recommitting keeps you out of the trap of criticizing yourself for not doing it perfectly. When you notice you’ve strayed from the original plan, recommitting yourself will get you back on track.

Committing to the process initially gets you started, but it’s how you deal with the obstacles to curing TMS is what determines your long-term success. Obstacles should not surprise you during the healing process. Obstacles are the process. Unless you are astonishingly lucky, you’re going to encounter many of them. Your beliefs about the mind-body connection will be challenged throughout the process. You will be tempted constantly to go back to the comfort of the traditional medical community. You will get distracted by white lab coats and you will be faced...

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How to Cure Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy has become a very common topic of discussion here at the Pain Cure Clinic. And when people get any condition other than back pain, they tend to doubt whether it’s a TMS condition. It is. Dr. Sarno talked a lot about it. And that’s what John Thornton’s latest video is all about. 

Peripheral Neuropathy is not exactly pain. It’s more burning, numbness, and tingling - usually in the legs and feet. Sometimes it’s in the arms and hands. But it’s always TMS and we’ve seen a number of clients cure themselves of it. The process of healing is generally the same as curing any chronic condition. 

In this video you’ll learn:

1. What exactly is peripheral neuropathy and how is it created by stress?

2. What Dr. Sarno has to say about it. 

3. What you can do to stop the tingling, numbness, and burning forever.


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Freedom....From Chronic Pain

freedom chronic pain Jul 01, 2022


When you think of the most significant contributor to happiness, what comes to mind? Wealth? A loving family and good friends? Being attractive or famous? Health? Certainly, health must be at the top of the list to enjoy anything else, but a report by The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says that what’s most important to overall happiness is: autonomy. Autonomy means that you feel that YOU are the one in control of your own life and the decisions you make are chosen only by you.


If we assume (and we do) that happiness (and we would add life satisfaction) leads to a calmer nervous system and lowers stress, then your level of autonomy has a direct effect on chronic pain and other chronic symptoms.


Autonomy applies to various aspects of your life circumstances: your job/work/career, your relationships, where you live, how you spend your money…and your time. And I encourage to evaluate all these...

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5 Clues: Do you have Tension Myositis Syndrome?

How would you like to learn 5 simple clues to help you decide whether or not you have a chronic pain condition called: Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS for short)?

TMS is a diagnosis coined by the late, great Dr. John Sarno. And if you do have TMS, this means that your chronic pain, while quite real, is stress-based. Tension in your mind (and in your life) is causing prolonged muscle tension and that’s what’s causing your ongoing pain. And this is really good news because there’s a way out and a way forward. You can cure TMS!


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Is TMS Your Dark Passenger?

One of the obstacles to becoming pain free that we point out over and over again is: giving your chronic pain (or stomach upset or ringing in your ears or skin rash) way too much power. We’re typically teed-up to give our symptoms too much power when a doctor gives us our “diagnosis”: “You have ankylosing spondylitis or degenerative disc disease or trigeminal neuralgia.” Often, it’s a hard to pronounce mouthful that sounds really scary….and possibly contagious! And then you’re told: “We don’t know what causes this condition. There’s no cure. It’s chronic. You’re just going to have to do XYZ to manage the symptoms.” 


So then, (understandably) over time, a chronic condition starts taking on a life of its own. It becomes a huge part of your identity. One of our student’s referred to his neck pain as his constant companion!
This comment...

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TMS and Chronic Inflammation


Inflammation is the centerpiece to every single chronic TMS illness there is.

 In fact, Tension Myositis Syndrome literally means muscle inflammation that’s caused by emotional tension. Hence, solving the chronic inflammatory response is the key to curing your chronic pain and chronic symptoms in general.

In this video, John Thornton explains the connection between the body’s inflammatory response and conditions like back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and many more. 

You’ll learn how negative emotions, like repressed anger, trigger white blood cells and protein to create inflammation and then chronic pain. And by better understanding the process, you’ll now understand how to stop it. Knowledge is power. This video is powerful. Watch it now.

To learn more and get started on YOUR recovery: Click Here

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The #1 Thing to Heal Back Pain

Belief or lack thereof. That's what stops most people from curing their back pain. The reason belief is so important is that when you switch from medical care to a Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis and the mind-body approach to healing - now you're in charge. And so, what you believe determines how effective you are at curing your back pain.

What we observe a lot of the time is that when people don’t immediately improve, they start doubting the process. And then they start doubting themselves and their ability to cure themselves and they just give up and go back to their old faithful chiropractor. So, we need to change three specific, long-held beliefs that are wrong to have a positive outcome. And these wrong beliefs are: 

 A. First, doctors are godlike experts who know everything there is to know about back pain. Also - it’s very dangerous for you to try to cure yourself without a doctor. Only a doctor can cure you (not...

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Allan's TMS Success Story


Sometimes it can seem impossible. But it never is. There's always a way. Watch Allan's story of overcoming chronic back pain (and digestive issues). Conditions that he had suffered with his entire adult life. He changed his belief, ditched his fear, moved his body, and beat the pain. If Allan can do it, YOU can do it. WATCH. 

To learn more and get started on YOUR recovery: Click Here

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