Calming the Hyperactive Nervous System


By the time most chronic pain sufferers find the mind-body connection, their nervous systems have become highly hyperactive. And a hyperactive nervous system is what keeps the body tight and creates pain.

So, in this video, John explains the science behind the autonomic nervous system and why a person can look perfectly calm, while the nervous is raging. Also in this video, John explains 3 simple hacks for calming the nervous that you can put into use easily in one day.

Relax the nervous. Relax the mind. And then, relax the body.

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TMS: What's your primary stressor?


Curing Tension Myositis Syndrome can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, getting rid of chronic pain and other symptoms just involves a series of steps to get you from where you are now to where you want to be: pain free!

Watch this episode and follow Laura as she guides you through 5 steps to freedom.

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TMS: The cure should not be chronic


In this episode, John discusses the state of the TMS community post Dr. Sarno. While Dr. Sarno felt that the healing process should be very limited in time and scope, that’s not what’s happening right now. TMS practitioners and therapists have created protocols without an end point and that makes the cure just as chronic as the disease. And that’s not good.

In this video you’ll learn:
- Why TMS treatment has become unending
- How to switch off your TMS quickly
- How to switch off your TMS permanently

And when you cure yourself using our Master Class, you’ll receive the Sarno Medal of Freedom sent to you (anywhere in the world) for free. All your friends with chronic pain will be so jealous! That’s something worth shooting for.

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Sarno Medal of Freedom: Dennis

Dennis from Texas’ TMS symptoms appeared 17 years ago. It started with sciatica back pain and he was told he had severe scoliosis. His preferred treatment was from his chiropractor. He went every week, without fail, for 17 years straight. He would feel a little better after each adjustment, but the pain would always return.

Dennis purchased and read the entire Healing Back Pain book in one afternoon. He knew that Dr. Sarno was speaking directly to him. Dennis said that it was the first time in almost two decades that something made sense. He then purchased the Sarno Master Class with a coaching session and went through the course in 2 days.Dennis locked into the material very quickly and was “basically out of pain in just two weeks.” Dennis’ message to other pain sufferers is that anyone can heal their back very quickly if they just do the course work.

Dennis is still an active member of the Pain Cure Clinic’s private Facebook group, and he jumps in...

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TMS Cured in 90 Days or Less


There’s a prevailing idea out there with TMSers that emotions are just too complicated, and the subconscious mind is just too complicated to expect a permanent cure in any kind of a reasonable time period. It’s just too hard.

That idea is completely wrong. Dr. Sarno would beg to differ and so do we. This wrong thinking comes from the fact that most people have never attempted to use a real time-sensitive plan to cure their TMS.

Well, in this video, Laura explains the actual recipe for curing TMS that we use, and she also demonstrates (with motion graphics) how this recipe will pull you directly through the healing process in a very automatic way. You’ve probably never seen a real plan. In this video, you’ll learn:

- The 3 most important actions for curing TMS
- How to actually cure TMS is a timely 90-day fashion
- How to monitor your progress down to a zero pain level

This will be a real eye opener for most TMS sufferers.

And Find Out...

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Sarno Medal of Freedom: Ellen

By all visible accounts, Ellen from New Zealand had a very successful life. She had a good marriage and good kids. She owns a successful business and has lots of friends. But how successful can life really be when you’re in constant pain and have other chronic symptoms?

Ellen had been suffering from many chronic conditions her whole life - from digestive disorders to TMJ - even carpal tunnel syndrome. Apparently, the computer keyboard was too much for her even though she is very physically fit.

Ellen wanted out of the pain/symptom loop. She’d finally had enough. So, when a friend mentioned Dr. Sarno, she read his book: The Mind-Body Prescription. It made total sense.

Then she contacted the Pain Cure Clinic to help her implement a strategy for curing what she now knew were TMS symptoms (not medical conditions). Ellen realized that her great life was a little “too great”- with too many moving parts. She needed to scale back. And that’s what she did.


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TMS: Stop Running


What do I mean stop running? Don't we always encourage our students to start moving? Yes - and that hasn't changed, friends.


The type of running I want you to stop is related to a negative MENTAL habit that you need to break to recover from chronic pain and other symptoms. It’s a topic that came up recently in a chat in our private Facebook group and it’s a common problem.

This perspective may be an “ah ha” moment for you too and well worth a few minutes of your time. And I wrap up this episode with 3 Action Steps to help you back off your frantic pace, calm your nervous system and heal!

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Sarno Medal Of Freedom: Mark

When Mark came to the Pain Cure Clinic, he was on his last leg - plagued by a variety of chronic symptoms that kept moving around his body for decades. He told us that going to doctors’ offices had become a full-time job. He had eczema, digestive issues, back pain, and peripheral neuropathy. And the day his tinnitus went away he got foot pain in both feet and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Mark had a big case of the symptom imperative. Mark was not having fun.

However, Mark is a natural skeptic and when he found Dr. Sarno’s book The Mind-Body Prescription, he knew his doctors where all wrong. He knew instinctively that this was an emotional problem, not a structural one. Being a highly sought-after economist, he knew that his opportunity costs of switching to Dr. Sarno’s methods were very low. Medical treatment had produced only bad results. So, Mark went to work. He read all of Dr. Sarno’s books. And then he contacted the Pain Cure Clinic and...

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Osiris Beat the Odds


They say that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but not after your eyes have adjusted to the dark. And for our client Osiris, it had gotten very dark indeed.

Osiris had been a highly athletic teenager with a bright future. He had a scholarship to the University of Southern California and was also planning a career in the military to serve his country. But then he got hit very hard with Tension Myositis Syndrome all over his body.

And in the course of just one year, Osiris went from a highly active teenager to legally disabled and bedridden 24/7. The pain was so excruciating, he could barely breathe.

But then he found Dr. Sarno and the Pain Cure Clinic and, needless to say, everything got a whole lot better. If you need some inspiration today, Osiris is going to give it to you right now - in spades.

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TMS: Parsing Out the Pain

One of the most common coaching questions we get here at the Pain Cure Clinic is about which pain is TMS and which pain is from “real” structural problems. Most people we coach with TMS symptoms currently have or have had multiple pains and conditions over many years. And it’s hardly ever just back pain.

This is a key question and key point in the recovery of the TMS sufferer. Every week I hear things like: “Well, I believe the back pain is TMS but these other problems are real. I’ve seen the MRI. It’s structural." My favorite is: “It’s bone on bone for heaven’s sake!” Or “My mother had the same thing, it’s genetic.” Your mother was just as tense as you are.

There is often a defensiveness regarding prior surgeries as being necessary. Lately, we are noticing that everyone has had either shoulder surgery or hip replacement. It’s very, very common. While it may seem...

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