The Sarno Method


We’ve been getting a lot of inquires lately from people who are wondering how John and I have had so much success curing people of Tension Myositis Syndrome so quickly. First of all, we don’t cure people. We just help people cure themselves. But thank you for asking. Yes, the unique process that we’ve created does work very well. We hear from clients almost every day now who have cured themselves using the Sarno 3.0 Master Class program.

A lot of our inquiries are from people who've been working on TMS for years or decades without success. But that’s just because the recipe they’re using is missing some ingredients. You’ll never make a cake without flour and sugar. It just won’t work.

So, in this episode, John explains the exact process that we use in our Sarno 3.0 Master Class for curing any TMS condition. This video is like the Cliff Notes version of our Master Class )which is 4 hours long).

If you follow the...

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TMS or Real Medical Problem


Is it a real medical condition or TMS? That's the question that plagues to many people. And there are many things that work against you.

It feels like a real medical condition. Your doctor says it’s a real medical condition. And the diagnostics (seems to) reveal that it’s a real medical condition. But it’s also a known TMS condition.

In this episode, John Thornton takes you behind the curtain to show you a recent struggle that he had with calf pain. Even though he’s the coach, he was still challenged by what seemed like a very real medical condition.

In this video, you’ll learn:
1. How a real muscle strain can become TMS
2. How your mind can play tricks on you
3. John's foolproof strategy for determining what's really TMS

To find out how John recently overcame a TMS symptom very quickly: WATCH THE VIDEO

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All Your Chronic Conditions Are TMS


Most people find Dr. Sarno (and The Pain Cure Clinic) after a diagnosis of back pain. That’s what the good doctor is most famous for. And back pain is, in fact, the number one chronic symptom in America.

But, very often, what happens is that people proceed to work on the back pain without recognizing that they have three other symptoms that are also TMS. It’s our experience that it’s very rarely just a back pain problem.

Sometimes it seems "too high a mountain" to label every chronic condition as TMS (and not a medical condition), but it’s actually the easier way to cure yourself. Very often you can get rid of all chronic symptoms simultaneously in one fell swoop.

In this video you’ll learn:
1. How all your chronic conditions are generated from the same origin

2. How seemingly completely different symptoms like chronic fatigue, IBS, and back pain are generated by different physiological responses in the body.

3. How to cure...

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Manifest Your TMS Cure



Let's start this brand new year by getting back to the basics. What's the key to manifesting a cure for TMS? How do you start the journey from where you are now to where you want to be (chronic pain free!)...sooner than later? Join Laura as she shares the foundational pillar for manifesting YOUR recovery. 

And to learn more about our Master Class: Click Here

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Mission to Cure

Greetings, Friends - John Thornton here.


I suffered from multiple chronic pain conditions starting at about the age of 40. Medical doctors told me there was no cure, but they would be there to treat symptoms and manage my pain for the rest of my life. I believed everything they were telling me because I could tell that they believed it. They were just doing what they had been taught to do. 


But through it all, even after years and years of chronic pain, I always had this feeling. I always believed that somehow…someway…there had to be a way out. A permanent way out.  


-    I didn’t want to be in pain for the rest of my life. 

-    I didn’t want to be on prescription drugs with all the side effects.  

-    I didn’t want doctors telling me what I could and couldn’t do. 

-    I didn’t want my insurance company...

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The Upper Limit Problem


The Upper Limit Problem is a mental block that can stop you from achieving a complete and total cure from Tension Myositis Syndrome.

You may totally believe in TMS and be doing all the right things but no matter what you try, the pain always comes back. This could be a sign of an Upper Limit Problem. The premise of the ULP is your subconscious has (over time) set an upper limit to how well your life can go, how good you feel inside, and how long you can be without pain.

In this video, John Thornton revisits his recent article on the ULP because it was so popular. It seems that most people can relate. If you’re doing the work but still having trouble, it just might be an ULP that’s holding you back, but don’t worry. This video explains how to remove your upper limit so that you can be chronic pain-free forever.

And to get started on YOUR recovery: Click Here

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Symptom Imperative

Greetings Friends - Laura Thornton here.

Yes, I know – you’ve had back pain or neck pain or right knee pain for months or years...and now you’re having shoulder pain or it’s your left knee that’s become bothersome. Or your chronic physical pain has disappeared, but “suddenly”, you can’t shake a constant undercurrent of anxiety. What is going on?

Well, let’s turn to the master himself. Dr. John Sarno defined this very common occurrence - of pain and other symptoms moving around - as: the Symptom Imperative and he says this in his book, Healing Back Pain:

"TMS can manifest itself in a variety of locations and it tends to move around, particularly if something is being done to combat the disorder. Patients often report pain in a new location as the old one gets better. It is as though the brain is unwilling to give up this strategy for diverting attention away from negative emotions." - Dr. John Sarno

Bingo! If...

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TMS: #1 Decision



You have to CHOOSE to cure Tension Myositis Syndrome. And until you make this first critical choice, you're unlikely to follow through and make all the additional choices you'll need to make to get to chronic pain free. I can help - take that first step and choose to join me for this episode now!

And to get started on YOUR recovery: Click Here

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TMS: It Won't Go Away

Have you had the experience of TMS coming and going for years, but it won’t completely go away? That happens to almost everyone. You focus on getting better and you do get better, for a while, but then something happens and the pain comes right back. It can be a vicious cycle that goes on for years, but it’s probably not what you think.

It’s not that you need to get better at journaling. It’s not that you need to keep digging for a  deep, dark issue that you can’t seem to identify. It’s not, even, that you have too many stressors right now. You’re going to have to deal with stress for the rest of your life. That’s not going to change. You want to be pain free no matter what your current or future circumstances….and you can.

If you feel like you’ve “tried everything” in the mind-body wheelhouse, yet you’re still stuck or spiraling back to chronic pain; if this sounds like where you find yourself, then...

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Stressed Out? Apply the Genius Move.



Who doesn't want to be a genius when it comes to getting rid of chronic pain? Join Laura Thornton as she shares "The Genius Move" from the book The Genius Zone by author Gay Hendricks. She'll also explain the Circle of Control and how using this guideline can cut down on a lot of stress and pain!

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