Tiger Woods has TMS?

tiger woods back pain Apr 06, 2022

I’ve never met Tiger Woods. And I’m positive he has no idea who I am. That being said, as I’ve watched his life from a distance, he appears to be the poster child for Tension Myositis Syndrome. He’s got the background. He’s got the personality. And he’s got the pain. With the Masters currently in progress, I’d like to explain why I think Tiger is suffering from Tension Myositis Syndrome - because it might help you in your effort to cure yourself.

Tiger’s father - Earl Woods - was a Green Beret Special Forces officer in the US Army. Earl Woods loved golf and got Tiger into it before the age of two. Like all Green Berets, he was intense and demanded his son be the best. Earl quit his job at McDonnell Douglas when Tiger was 13 years old to become Tiger’s full-time coach and manager. So, Tiger was, in effect, supporting his entire family at age 13. Having a highly demanding parent is the most common characteristic...

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