Is TMS Your Dark Passenger?

One of the obstacles to becoming pain free that we point out over and over again is: giving your chronic pain (or stomach upset or ringing in your ears or skin rash) way too much power. We’re typically teed-up to give our symptoms too much power when a doctor gives us our “diagnosis”: “You have ankylosing spondylitis or degenerative disc disease or trigeminal neuralgia.” Often, it’s a hard to pronounce mouthful that sounds really scary….and possibly contagious! And then you’re told: “We don’t know what causes this condition. There’s no cure. It’s chronic. You’re just going to have to do XYZ to manage the symptoms.” 


So then, (understandably) over time, a chronic condition starts taking on a life of its own. It becomes a huge part of your identity. One of our student’s referred to his neck pain as his constant companion!
This comment...

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TMS and Chronic Inflammation


Inflammation is the centerpiece to every single chronic TMS illness there is.

 In fact, Tension Myositis Syndrome literally means muscle inflammation that’s caused by emotional tension. Hence, solving the chronic inflammatory response is the key to curing your chronic pain and chronic symptoms in general.

In this video, John Thornton explains the connection between the body’s inflammatory response and conditions like back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and many more. 

You’ll learn how negative emotions, like repressed anger, trigger white blood cells and protein to create inflammation and then chronic pain. And by better understanding the process, you’ll now understand how to stop it. Knowledge is power. This video is powerful. Watch it now.

To learn more and get started on YOUR recovery: Click Here

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The #1 Thing to Heal Back Pain

Belief or lack thereof. That's what stops most people from curing their back pain. The reason belief is so important is that when you switch from medical care to a Tension Myositis Syndrome diagnosis and the mind-body approach to healing - now you're in charge. And so, what you believe determines how effective you are at curing your back pain.

What we observe a lot of the time is that when people don’t immediately improve, they start doubting the process. And then they start doubting themselves and their ability to cure themselves and they just give up and go back to their old faithful chiropractor. So, we need to change three specific, long-held beliefs that are wrong to have a positive outcome. And these wrong beliefs are: 

 A. First, doctors are godlike experts who know everything there is to know about back pain. Also - it’s very dangerous for you to try to cure yourself without a doctor. Only a doctor can cure you (not...

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Allan's TMS Success Story


Sometimes it can seem impossible. But it never is. There's always a way. Watch Allan's story of overcoming chronic back pain (and digestive issues). Conditions that he had suffered with his entire adult life. He changed his belief, ditched his fear, moved his body, and beat the pain. If Allan can do it, YOU can do it. WATCH. 

To learn more and get started on YOUR recovery: Click Here

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Sarno's Biggest Mistake

What? Our beloved Dr. Sarno made a mistake? Well, yes, but it was an honest, well-intentioned oversight. Click here to watch and solve the mystery!

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Stop Resisting and Stop Chronic Pain


There’s a basic TMS issue that we run into time and time again with our coaching clients and it’s called RESISTANCE. What I’m talking about is resistance to change. And change is required to get past chronic pain and move forward to a better life.

Now, resistance can block you from two angles:

1.  Resisting making a life change (relationship, job, even your day-to-day routine).
2.  Resisting pursuing (or getting back to) something you’re passionate about.

Tension Myositis Syndrome loves the status quo: “Stay where you are and stay in pain.” Perfectionists and Goodists (people pleasers), in particular, have a hard time making changes because that means you’re also vulnerable to making a few mistakes. But un-chartered waters are often where we must go to heal once and for all!

WATCH THIS VIDEO until the end, where I share one of my favorite “juicy” bits from...

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Tom Brady Doesn't Have Chronic Pain

Tom Brady doesn’t have chronic pain. But he should, shouldn’t he? Tom has been chased around and tackled by very large men who get paid big bucks to hit him as hard as they can. But after 23 years in the NFL, Tom Brady is fine. In fact, he’s doing quite well. 

So, if I can get back pain from picking up a stick in my yard, why isn’t Tom in a wheelchair by now? The answer is that (among other things): 

Tom Brady loves bodywork and stretching more than anyone I’ve ever heard of. 

He even wrote a book about it:
The TB12 Method: How To Do What You Love Better and Longer

In his book, Tom explains that muscle pliability is the most important factor to his longevity and his success. He says that the key to absorbing hits year after year in the NFL is soft muscle tissue. 

And I know that this soft muscle philosophy is very transferable avoidance of chronic pain. Yes, we should all be working on lowering our mental stress,...

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How to Stop the Symptom Imperative


The Symptom Imperative is a really big deal. Most people find the mind-body connection through Dr. Sarno…and back pain. However, it’s almost never just back pain. It’s always multiple TMS symptoms moving around and accumulating in the body. 

And so, it feels like you’re playing a never-ending game of whack-a-mole with chronic symptoms. It can be very frustrating, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.  

In this video, I explain that when I cured my back pain, I didn’t realize that the problem was much bigger and also included: eczema, migraine headaches, allergies, and TMJ. But I did discover the process for shutting down all the symptoms and keeping them from coming back. And that’s what I share with you in this video. 

In this video, you'll learn the 3 R's 

 Recognition - How to recognize the Symptom Imperative versus real medical conditions. 

 Rejection - The...

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Real People and Real TMS Recovery

We’ve had a very active start to 2022! With many new students jumping on board AND (our favorite!) – many TMS recovery success stories. So, you may be wondering: What, specifically, are our students doing to get better? Take a look:

- Exercising (and overcoming the fear of moving their body!)
- Letting go of toxic (or simply “expired”) relationships
- Moving to different cities/states/countries 
- Learning to dance
- Changing jobs or careers
- Saying “NO”
- Prioritizing self-care (massage is not a luxury!
- Starting a meditation practice
- Finding a new purpose (a common issue when transitioning into retirement)
- Finding a new hobby (and stopping hyper-vigilance around their chronic “condition”
-Backing off perfectionism
- Playing the guitar – again.
- Having (a lot!) more FUN
- Stretching and foam rolling (consistently!)
- Getting off the medical merry-go-round…for good
- Planning getaways (without the...

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3 Things to Quit to Cure TMS

cure tms Apr 12, 2022
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